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Michael Vick’s Daddy Ookie Sr.: Uh Huh Son I Told You So!

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 24, 2007

Michael Vick obviously has a problem right now. The media hates him, Peta hates him, most of the country hates him, even the skanky slut that lives in the condo next to me hates him, and she loves every man she meets, for at least and hour or two. But now it seems his own father strongly dislikes him and even is speaking out against him.

“Michael Vick’s father said he asked his son to give up dogfighting, or to at least put property used in the venture in the names of others to avoid being implicated, according to a report in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Michael Boddie, who is estranged from Vick and the quarterback’s mother, also said some time around 2001 his son staged dogfights in the garage of the family home in Newport News, Va.

Boddie told the newspaper Vick kept fighting dogs in the family’s backyard, including dogs that were “bit up, chewed up, exhausted.” Boddie claimed to have nursed the dogs back to health.

“I wish people would stop sugarcoating it,” Boddie told The Journal-Constitution. “This is Mike’s thing. And he knows it … likes it, and he has the capital to have a set up like that.”

Next time instead of admitting to world that you knew your son was breaking the law, try calling him on the phone and saying “See boy you be a fuck up! Got any weed?” Then again maybe Vick’s daddy is wanting to be charged with something so he to can join the “Take the Plea Against Vick Tour”, which kicks off in Virginia later this year.

Also developing are details as to what dog killing Ron Mexico will plea to, and again this is not good at least in my eyes.

“The source told ESPN that Vick’s defense team met with federal attorneys Thursday afternoon to determine the “summary of facts” to which Vick will plead, and that his attorneys believed they had a deal. The source said Vick maintains he never killed dogs and never gambled on a dog fight. He will admit he was present when dogs were killed, but that he did not personally kill any of the dogs.

Vick’s co-defendants said Vick provided virtually all the gambling and operating funds for the Bad Newz Kennels enterprise. Two of them also said Vick participated in executing at least eight dogs seen as underperforming by various means, including drowning and hanging.

A government official, speaking on condition of anonymity because the terms are not final, told The Associated Press Wednesday that prosecutors will recommend a sentence of one year to 18 months. However, U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson is not bound by that recommendation or by federal sentencing guidelines that will call for less than the five-year maximum.

Goodell can suspend Vick under the NFL’s personal conduct policy. While the league hasn’t said whether a potential suspension would be concurrent with Vick’s prison sentence, it probably would take effect once he is released from custody.”

OK, now I’m hoping Vick’s Daddy does get charged with something so he to can take a plea. As I have asked in the past, “Why would the government take such a weak plea, when it has all the evidence stacked up?”. I’m hoping Judge Hudson pulls a Judge Joe Brown and throws the book at him. Either way Goodell will never let Vick play in the league again. 🙂

So I profess on this day 8/24/07.



2 Responses to “Michael Vick’s Daddy Ookie Sr.: Uh Huh Son I Told You So!”

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  2. Kelley said

    Michael Vick is a jackass. Torturing/raising/and breeding dogs for fighting is a pathetic excuse for a man that many USED to think was a football idol. Pathetic, cruel, inhumane jackass. That’s Michael “The Jackass” Vick for you. Just shows that you can make as much money as he does, and still be a low life in society. Michael Vick- you are worthless.

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