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Charlie Weis: We Suck Even With Clausen as the QB.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 9, 2007

For the first time ever, both Notre Dame and Michigan are 0 & 2. As next weeks “Loser Bowl 2007” comes closer, one has to wonder, will anyone even bother watching? Today the “Golden Child” Jimmy “The Emu” Clausen, started his first game, only to lose.

“All the talk was about Notre Dame freshman quarterback Jimmy Clausen. Penn State’s defense and Derrick Williams took the spotlight.

The 14th-ranked Nittany Lions bottled up Clausen in his starting debut, Williams had a 78-yard punt return for a touchdown and Austin Scott ran for two second-half scores in a 31-10 win Saturday night over the Irish.

The much-ballyhooed Clausen finished 17-of-32 passing for 144 yards and an interception. Most of the freshman’s completions were on swing passes or screens as Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis went conservative until midway through the fourth quarter.

Weis is crazy not to redshirt Clausen and don’t let that score fool you. Seven of the mighty 10 points wasn’t due to the offense.

“Darrin Walls staked the Irish defense to a 7-0 lead, returning an interception 73 yards for a touchdown and quieting a raucous crowd dressed almost entirely in white.”

Even Joe Pa was making excuses for Clausen and Notre Dame offense.

“With a young quarterback, you don’t want him to be comfortable. He’s a talented kid,” Penn State coach Joe Paterno said about Clausen.

A raucous crowd appeared to lead to numerous communication problems for the Irish offense, who were whistled for several offsides and delay-of-game penalties.

“It’s tough for a freshman to be successful with this crowd,” Paterno said. “I thought our crowd was phenomenal.”

Notre Dame’s offensive line, which was battered for nine sacks in the season-opening loss to Georgia Tech, couldn’t contain the Nittany Lions most of the game.”

One thing I did notice about Clausen is he runs prances like his older brother Casey. For two games in a row the Irish offense has yet to score a touchdown. As I said in a previous posting, the problem with the Irish offense is the offensive line. I’m wondering if any Notre Dame officials are regretting the firing of Tyrone Willingham yet. Especially since his Washington Huskies ended Boise State’s 14 game winning streak today.

“No wacky formations. No trick plays. The darlings got dumped.

No. 22 Boise State had its 14-game winning streak, longest in major college football, ended as resurgent Washington shut out the Broncos in the second half of the Huskies’ 24-10 victory Saturday.

Redshirt freshman Jake Locker threw for one score and ran for another while overcoming two turnovers. Washington beat a ranked opponent for the first time since 2003.

“We expected a lot more cleverness. When we got down to it, it was just window dressing,” Washington safety Roy Lewis said.”

OK, the first line is gold, and look at Roy Lewis talking smack…nice. I have a feeling it will get a lot worse for Notre Dame before it gets better. If Meechigan defeats them next week, I’m sure the fans will be praying to Touchdown Jesus Inc. for fat boy Charlie’s head. If Notre Dame wins, then Lloyd Carr should be fired immediately, since this Notre Dame offense is anemic at best.

So I profess on this day 9/9/07.



2 Responses to “Charlie Weis: We Suck Even With Clausen as the QB.”

  1. michael said

    Fuck this fat fuck… get surgery doesn’t work. Wow Lose weight before you tell people to hustle. Release your q-back you fucking pussy…


  2. Dave said

    Charlie Weis is beyond fat. He’s reached that particularly grotesque form of obesity where the lard oozes down below the belt line and forms a very weird blubbery saddle-bag look below the waist. No question that this monstrosity has to hoist several fistfuls of fat to find his dick. And can you imagine the reach around when he has to wipe that dump truck of an ass? What a fucking arrogant stooge. And when are those asshole ND lovers gonna realize that they made fatty a very wealthy who really doesn’t have to answer to anybody and doesn’t care win or lose. Nice job you leprechaun fuckers!

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