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Baylor Coach: Hey When You Gotta, Go You Gotta Go! Besides We Suck!

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 16, 2007

I remember when I was younger I would go out with the boys, get loaded and urinate right there at the bar or dance floor or on Allen’s head, just where ever nature called. Now that I’m older I don’t do such stupid things. I don’t drink, it’s been years since I’ve drank anything alcoholic. Nowadays I’m the DD, but I still have my fun. I’ll drink Pepsi or Coke while others get drunk, but I still have no problem with urinating right there at the bar or on dance floor or on that somewhat cute but skanky waitress that always winds up serving me at The Wild Hare Sport Cafe. So I’m shocked that an assistant football coach at Baylor is in so much trouble for marking his territory on a bar. I mean come on it’s Baylor. I didn’t even know anyone actually coached them until this story broke.

“A Baylor assistant football coach cited by police for urinating on the bar at a tavern was suspended indefinitely Tuesday.

Eric Schnupp, Baylor’s offensive line/tight ends coach, was not arrested but was issued a citation at 2:20 a.m. Sunday for disorderly conduct-reckless exposure at Scruffy Murphy’s, Waco police spokesman Steve Anderson said.

The citation is a Class C misdemeanor carrying a $258 fine, according to Waco Municipal Court.”

$258.00 for answering the call of nature? Would you rather have him wear Depends? I’m sure that would be a good impression on the players.

“Coach Guy Morriss said Tuesday during his weekly news conference that he suspended Schnupp indefinitely, but did not comment further.

Schnupp, 30, had traveled Saturday with the team to Lawrence, Kan., where the Bears lost to Kansas 58-10. The team was back in Waco by 9 p.m.

Bartender Danny Severe said in Tuesday’s editions of the Waco Tribune-Herald that the incident happened around closing time and that Schnupp apparently thought no one was watching him as employees were moving patrons out of the building.

Severe said an employee witnessed Schnupp urinating on the bar, and a manager told police officers who were there for an unrelated matter.

Severe said Schnupp had taken several shots of hard liquor, most bought for him by other people.”

I’m almost pissing myself laughing at the fact people bought him drinks after an ass whipping like that. I’m sure most people reading this have been to a few bars in their time. How many people reading this would actually trust using a filthy bar bathroom over using the actual bar that is constantly wiped down by the bartender? That’s what I thought, even drunk we’re all germaphobes. You know who’s really to blame? The Baylor fans that are idiotic enough to believe that an ass whipping of 58-10 warrants buying drinks for an assistant coach. Just be glad that he didn’t have to do a number two.

So I profess on this day 10/16/07.


One Response to “Baylor Coach: Hey When You Gotta, Go You Gotta Go! Besides We Suck!”

  1. Mike L. said

    Take it from me, when ya gotta go, GO! But it would seem at the
    rate the Baylor Bears are going, I suspect Rice University will
    beat the bears. Baylor “Bad News Teddy” Bears will undoubtedly
    go in history as the only team of the Big 12 to be beneath the
    Rice Owls! If TCU, SMU, A&M, Texas Tech!, Longhorns, and even
    1a, 2a, 3a, 4a, 5a, 6a, 7a, ect, 6 man football teams, flag
    football teams, all the way to little league football can beat
    Baylor then who’s the whipping bear now? HA HA HA! 🙂 Like I
    said, when it comes down to it, Baylor “Bad News Teddy” Bears
    should be the new mascot, and logo. Baylor should also either
    put up or shut up! I hear Baylor “brag” they will win, and lose
    horribly. Wake The FREAK UP Bears! How long will you slumber,
    how long will you hibernate, how long will you be turned into a
    “BAD NEWS TEDDY BEAR” ??? Whizzing in a bar, and sucking at the

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