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Coach 0 Isn’t Going Anywhere Soon

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on November 6, 2007

Even though various anti Ed Orgeron websites such as Fire Coach0 have popped up, Coach 0 and Incredible Hulk fans can relax because the retarded strong coach and his sidekick Jerrell “I Can Spell Kat” Powe are going to be at Ole Miss for quite some time. In an recent interview with the chancellor of Ole Miss, Robert Khayat, he states that he seriously ♥’s Coach 0, and it kinda looks rather unhealthy at that.

“I’m very high on Ed Orgeron,” Khayat said in a recent interview with The Associated Press. “(I’m) very loyaland supportive to him and committed to him.”

“I really believe we cn only succeed if we unite and play together,” Khayat said. “So the people who make negative comments about Coach Orgeron and our football team really serve no purpose. Constructive criticism is fine. But negative comments of fire the coach is not the way to do this.”

“First of all I thought he was a real football man — good looking, I thought, strong, aggressive, competitive, excited,” Khayat said. “And he had the record of being the best recruiter in the country.”

Well, “those people” as you put it do serve a purpose, it’s called revenue for the school. I’ll admit since Coach 0 has only been there since 2005 it is a little early to be calling for his head, but as the chancellor one would think that Khayat could have worded his comments a little different. It’s rather insulting to dissatisfied Ole Miss tickets holder and supporters who have been critical of Coach 0. As for as the unhappy fans I’ll just quote Joel and say “Does anyone realize this is OLE MISS FOOTBALL that we are talking about???” end quote.

Yes that’s Coach 0 under there

What I do find a little strange is that the chancellor is committed to Coach 0 and found him good looking. As a dude the last thing I would say in public much less in an interview is I found the Raging Cajun tit twisting retarded strong coach as good looking. That’s way to much man love there.

Now Coach 0, in talking about when he first arrived to the campus, states:

“yaw yaw yaw craw fish yaw yaw yaw Brent Schaffer” which translates to:

“I get here and it’s just negative, negative, negative, negative,”

He goes on further to say:

“yaw yaw yaw Jerrell Powe yaw yaw Egg Bowl yaw yaw yaw liberal media yaw yaw footbaw yaw yaw” which translates to:

“We got ridiculed for it here,” Orgeron said. “I didn’t understand. I really didn’t. That really freaked me out. I mean, what’s wrong? And it really irked me that a lot of the things I said (that appeared in the media) came from someone in that room.

“Khayat said he’ll stand by Orgeron, even if it takes six years to turn the program around.”

Sweet that gives me a lot of time to poke at Coach 0. 😉

So I profess on this day 11/06/07.



One Response to “Coach 0 Isn’t Going Anywhere Soon”

  1. Joel said

    I’m torn. Keeping Coach O sure does give everyone a blog post or 10. But to fire Cutcliffe like they did and to see him get all of that talent and do nothing with it is nothing short than a head scratcher…

    I am as confused as having a Starbucks directly across the street from another Starbucks. This happens a lot here in Houston…

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