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In Memory of Coach O’s Ole Miss Tenure

Posted by Joel Jackson on November 24, 2007


We here at this site and at the fine folks at Losers With Socks have made fun of Ole Miss and their excellent (former) coach, Mr. Ed Orgeron. Well today is not the day to kick a man while he’s down, seeing as though the Ole Miss Mascot-less have relieved him of his head coaching responsibilities.

Coach O was a fine coach. He could twist the tits of a 5 star recruit with the best of them. His mastery of the King’s English could not be matched by any other coach in the SEC. Not only could he recruit, but he could coach them up as well. The way he drew up plays with crayons pen and paper and explained in detail was very much underrated.

More importantly, he was the best motivator one could find. What, don’t believe me??? He motivated Ole Miss to come oh so close against LSU, MSU, Alabama, and Auburn. They only allowed 45 points against Georgia in Athens when most teams would have given up. Coach O was enough of a motivator to get his team to rise up and defeat the juggernauts of the University of Memphis, Louisiana Tech, and Northwestern St. He practically owned the Memphis Tigers in football, and we all know that the Tigers are world beaters, having been to 3 bowl games the past 35 years. Northwestern St. is his alma matter, and it hurt him so much to defeat them that he allowed Ole Miss to only win by a touchdown.

Let’s not forget that the formerly known as Rebels are now a legit football program. Why do you say that??? I say that with full confidence because the star players miss practices and sleep in team meetings, and the team can steal alarm clocks and hotel towels like they were playing for the great Bobby Bowden himself. Jerrell Powe, that special kid that before Coach O got him did not know what a primary color was, can now read “See Spot Run” without trails of saliva running down the corners of his mouth.

So Coach O, I raise this bottle of Bud to you. I, just like countless other bloggers, will miss you on the Ole Miss sidelines. You gave us so much to write about, and I don’t think the SEC can survive another 75 years without your coaching abilities. As I slowly pour out the rest of this Bud in memory of your coaching time at Ole Miss, I am comforted by words that you said, and quite frankly, sounds as though the Great Bard William Shakespeare, wrote himself: “Yaw yaw yaw twist tits yaw yaw yaw…”

4 Responses to “In Memory of Coach O’s Ole Miss Tenure”

  1. This was his third year. Who the fuck does Ole Miss think they are? Alabama? Coach 0 might be unemployed but his memory lingers with us all forever. yaw yaw yaw.

  2. TideDruid said

    Please, please, please hire Terry Bowden Ole Miss! I can’t wait to have Mr. Magoo Jr. back in the SEC.

  3. zigzag said

    Every AD in the SEC was cackling after Boone hired the “Big O”. “You got to be kidding!” was the standard given his past. Pete Boone is a naive guy from Grenada, Mississippi, but with the squeeze on he had to pull the plug after the bungle job O did at Starkville, even after he and Bobby Khayat gave him the green light in October. Long term assistants, as a general rule, don’t make good head coaches, so go after a successful young head guy from a small school and forget Dennis Franchione, Houston “you gotta be a Nutt” or Terry “Doughboy” Bowden. Not that any of those would give Ole Miss the time of day.

    Nothing to do with the “O Man” but does Tuberville have Alabama’s number or what? To top it off there are two very mediocre quarterbacks, Jason Campbell and Brandon Cox, walking around the planet bragging that they never lost to Alabama. One of the most stunning statistics of all is that Alabama has never beaten Auburn in Tuscaloosa. Saban won’t last unless he can turn that around.

  4. dhgmust said

    Ole Miss isn’t hiring Terry Bowden – please. He’s not on the radar. Ole Miss has got the money, and just because it had an O doesn’t mean it’s not capable of getting a Nutt. Houston will come to Ole Miss and line up to play the Hogs. He’s going to make all the bloggers eat their words. He’s not interested in lining up against Georgia for the Yellow Jackets. Look at his MOTIVATION. Hog fans, be careful what you wish for…

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