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Houston Nutt, Man, Myth, Legend & the New Loser Coach for Ole Miss

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on November 28, 2007

Praying to the Hog God won’t change things.

In less than 24 hours after Houston (Deeze nuts bitch) Nutt, basically told Arkansas to go fuck themselves, he’s decided to pursue his coaching opportunities at Ole Miss. Story

Let’s make sense of this. Saturday Living Coaching God Coach 0 was fired. Monday Nutt turns down a raise and an extension to stay at Arkansas where he’s been the coach for the past 10 years. Today Ole Miss confirms he’ll be announced as the new head coach on Wednesday. If anyone reading this thinks these events just “happened”, then click the X in the corner, you shouldn’t have the pleasure of reading my genius writings.

Nutt said in his “Oxygen Channel” like press conference yesterday:

“Deep, deep down in my heart as an Arkansan, as person who loves the Razorbacks so much, I wanted for the state to come together as one. At this time, I didn’t think we could have one heartbeat.”

God, what a fag. Nutt and the chancellor of Ole Miss should really get along in a Broke Back Mountain sense. I’m sure he wanted all the people in the state to hold hands and sing that stupid jingle Coke puts out every year a Christmas time.

“My dream job. I thought I’d be here for a long, long time,” Nutt said. “Sometimes things change and you have to make a hard decision.”

More like you weren’t winning games you should have won because you have so much baggage in your personal life, Jerry Springer could dedicate three hours of airtime covering it.

But that was yesterday, now today he trades in Arkansas colors for Ole Miss colors. That game will be really interesting to watch. Former Bloods coach now coaching the Crips.
Nutt and Ole Miss were already discussing a the contract details Monday night, so much for being heartbroken over leaving Arkansas. I’m sure Les Miles is really hoping and praying that Michigan offers him the coaching job there, because what’s worse than being ranked #1 and losing to Arkansas. You guessed it, being ranked #1 and losing to Ole Miss.

Ole Miss believes their problem with mediocrity is over. Nutt’s mediocre record in conference play is 42-38. I wonder in three years if Nutt will be the next one fired.

Nutt, said he left Arkansas to help mend a split among fans after off-the-field problems were compounded by a difficult season. Yeah this will really help get the Arkansas fans back to loving you now.

As for me, I’m glad Nutt still in the SEC. I hope Coach 0 lands on his feet somewhere that I can keep tabs of him. I love writing about these two idiots.

Hey Nutt, do you think you will be the one to teach Jerrell Powe how to read?

Yeah the welcome committee is going all out. Deezzze Nutt Bitches!!!

So I profess on this day 11/28/07




4 Responses to “Houston Nutt, Man, Myth, Legend & the New Loser Coach for Ole Miss”

  1. Word on the street is Washington State may be looking at The 0 if they can’t get Mike “I’m In Love Wit a Stripper” Price back in Pullman. I would love to see The 0 somewhere less obscure though.

  2. That would be hilarious

  3. Thomas Turner said

    You are an effin loser. Look who you ended up with. I didn’t realize Bobby Petrino and Fred Garvin…. Male Prostitute were brothers.

  4. “You are an effin loser. Look who you ended up with. I didn’t realize Bobby Petrino and Fred Garvin…. Male Prostitute were brothers.”

    I’m a Tennessee fan nice try.

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