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Reggie Herring Seems To be Whining About Not Getting the Job Before Arkansas Starts A Search

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on November 29, 2007

Come play with us Reggie…forever and ever and ever..

Reggie Herring…the fiery bald spark plug of a man who resembles those two creepy twins from “The Shining”, seems to be already moaning and bitching about not getting the Arkansas head football coach job. Sure Arkansas hasn’t officially stated a search yet, but do you think that’ll stop him? Story

“(Incoming athletic director) Jeff Long knows where I am. He knows where my office is and I’ll just say it publicly, if he’s going to start interviewing coordinators, nobody can touch me, given the opportunity.”

Thank God I wasn’t drinking anything when I read that, I surely would have electrocuted myself by spitting it out while I laughed. Hey Reggie two words, Bo Pelini, now shut up bitch. You’ve only been there three seasons plus you were fired from Clemson.

“I don’t want to come across like I’m politicking for this job. At the end of the day, really anybody out there doesn’t know if I could do a good job or not if given the opportunity. My approach to this is this: If they’re going to start interviewing coordinators around the country, I don’t think there’s a better coordinator in the country that knows this school, knows the players, knows the fans, can bring these people together.”

Reggie Herring…peace maker. The funny thing about that statement is his own son, Adam, declined to play for Arkansas and picked Auburn. I’ll give him credit though, his three year stint at Arkansas is longest he’s been able to stay at one job. The Arkansas fans will crucify him.

There have been early rumors about the current Raiders head coach, Lane Kiffin, in the running. He daddy apparently was a coach there in the 70’s.

“I was 3 years old,” Lane Kiffin said when asked about his memories of Arkansas. “I’ll never go back to that fucking hell hole again”.

Of course Nutt will try to take some of the Arkansas staff with him so maybe Herring will be offered a position there.

“Right now I am in that process,” Nutt said. “I do have a few that are coming with me. I can’t say right now at this time.”

Translation: He’s waiting to see who tries to stab him in back by claiming they were the real reason of the Hogs success.

Offense coordinator David Lee, quite possibly the worst in the country is still on the Arkansas staff.

“David has been told to go score and score a lot,” Herring said. “Score often.”

Herring apparently knows he needs all the help he can get in obtaining this gig.

My own son wouldn’t play for me.

So I profess on this day 11/29/07



2 Responses to “Reggie Herring Seems To be Whining About Not Getting the Job Before Arkansas Starts A Search”

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  2. laurie said

    i think they did coach herring dirty by not offering him the coaching job. and coach bobby is sa jerk

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