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Ben Moffitt Wins Father of the Year From the American Douche Bag Association

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on January 4, 2008

Remember that annoying cuddly story of how Ben Moffitt a standout linebacker for USF’s football team, drives 55 miles daily to be with his family? Turns out that the marriage is falling apart and since November 11 he hasn’t been around much for his wife or kids. But it’s what she said that might be harmful to the entire USF program.

He is living a lie,” she said. “He’s lying to everyone. He’s not helping (us) with anything.” Their marriage of five years has deteriorated to the point that Shauna, 26, made public Thursday a larger allegation, saying that she had taken multiple online courses for her husband and written papers for his college classes to keep him eligible to play football.

“I have written every single paper he has ever written in five years at USF,” said Shauna, who works as a data specialist in the Sumter County Appraiser’s Office.

Can we say NCAA violations? If these turn out to be true USF could face major penalties. Of course USF officials had not responded to questions.

Moffitt has already retained divorce lawyer A.J. Rohe crushing any hopes of the public viewing this spectacle on the TV show “Divorce Court”.

“It’s our position that it’s harmful to the children when this personal stuff is aired in the papers,” said Rohe, who was retained by Moffitt on Thursday. “We’re disappointed that she would choose to do something in an attempt to damage his reputation and his potential for future earnings.”

If what she says is true any investigation that will be conducted by the NCAA should be breeze.

USF has marketed Moffitt, 23, as a family man, touting him for national awards with the phrase “Linebacker. Leader. Husband. Father.” Now he might be marked as “Linebacker. Loser. Divorcee. Bad Father.”

After their initial separation, Shauna said Ben visited their two children twice a week, but that stopped after a month. She said she does not know where he is living, and he has changed his cellphone, initially only calling from a blocked number before later giving her the number.

So much for happily ever after…

This I proclaim on 1/4/08.


One Response to “Ben Moffitt Wins Father of the Year From the American Douche Bag Association”

  1. Cait said

    Douchey McLinebacker has a nice ring to it…

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