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Project “Find An Offense Coordinator Like the Bear Had” Could Begin Soon

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on January 15, 2008

In move I find shocking and utterly hilarious, Alabama offensive coordinator Major Applewhite seems to be ever so close to telling Saban to screw you jakehole I’m going home. Several published reports in Texas on Monday night said Applewhite is a prime candidate to join Mack Brown’s staff at the University of Texas.

The only vacancy on the Longhorns staff is for running backs coach. But the job could be sweetened by adding a title such as assistant head coach. Of Bama has no comment on the situation. (As always)

The newspapers cited anonymous sources within the Texas program. If Applewhite takes the job it would be his fourth in as many years. Jesus, dude learn to hold a job for more than a year.

It figures Applewhite would want to go back too the Big “We really really suck but not as bad as the Big 10” Twelve. I mean imagine the pressure he must have gone through working with Saban to get a stellar 7-6 team. Plus Texas doesn’t play Oh La La either.

Alabama already has a vacancy after special teams coordinator/tight ends coach Ron Middleton left to become associate head coach at Duke. I find that sad. I mean why leave an SEC school like Bama to take an associate head coaching job at graveyard Duke. If he stayed at Bama he might have been the head coach there within three years. God knows they seem to go though them.

Applewhite was hired by Saban last January after Jimbo Fisher said hell no I’m not working for Saban. Applewhite has also been a key recruiter for the Tide even though if he takes the Texas job those recruits will likely follow.

Applewhite is the fourth-highest paid coach of Saban’s nine-man, on-field staff. Applewhite makes $250,000 annually and is one of only three coaches on the staff with a three-year contract but all the money in the world might not make stay another year with Saban.

This I proclaim on 1/15/08.




5 Responses to “Project “Find An Offense Coordinator Like the Bear Had” Could Begin Soon”

  1. Joel said

    Word down here in Houston is that they are offering Applewhite $400k. Also, OC Greg Davis may have to look over his shoulder next year, Applewhite may take over. I know a LOT of Longhorn fans that would love to have Applewhite back in Austin, and the booster pockets run DEEP…

  2. TideDruid said

    Good news is that Texas might have to pay Bama $50,000 for Applewhite. Saban put buyouts in most of his assistant’s contracts. Duke paid it, I do know that.

    I also get a feeling that if Saban wanted Major (named after Bama great Major Ogilive) he would be doing more than he is. I think it’s more of a mutual “This ain’t workin” deal than some will try to make it appear.

  3. TideDruid said

    2 more points….

    1) that is a horrible photoshop. Whoever made that should’ve at least copied other people with painted letters on their chests instead of repeating the current line-up.

    2) Most people want Norm Chow, but he’s a west coast guy who wouldn’t like it in the south for too much longer. I’m thinking it’ll be a Brian Brohm type.

  4. zigzag said

    Major gets busted to private if he stays in Saban’s nest.

  5. Joel said

    Looks like it is a done deal. He’s going back to Austin:

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