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The General Bobby Knight Says Goodbye

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on February 4, 2008

One of the greatest basketball coaches ever to live has said it’s time to retire. Bobby Knight is one of the most loved and hated coaches ever to grace gym. His polarizing persona as been captured in some of best sound bites ever.

Here’s the list of what he has done.

  • 1,273 Career Games
  • 29 20-Win Seasons
  • 4 30-Win Seasons
  • 1 Perfect Season
  • 28 NCAA Tournaments
  • 3 National Championships
  • 1 NIT Championship
  • 1 Olympic Gold Medal
  • 70-34 Postseason Record
  • 15 NBA First-Round Draft Selections
  • 36 Players In The NBA
  • The winningest men’s coach in NCAA Division I history

“There’s a transition that’s going to take place here from me to Pat and I’ve dwelt on this all year long — about what would be the best way to do this, and how it would be best for him and for the team and for what we can do in the long run to make this the best thing for Texas Tech,” Knight said, according to the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal. “I didn’t know, I’ve never really known when I was going to step down from this job. As I thought about it, my first thought was at the end of this season.”

“My thinking was that for Pat and for this team — most of which is returning next year — the best thing for the long run for this team would be for Pat and his staff to coach these remaining 10 games,” Knight said, according to the paper. “And [to] get an understanding, get a real feel for each other, be able to think over the course of the spring and summer going into next season about how people had played, how things had been done offensively or defensively, what could be done or couldn’t be done, what to stay away from, what to work on and develop that from a game standpoint as the coach in charge of everything rather than as an assistant coach.

“It was always a problem for me as to just what would be the most effective way in this transition, to make this transition. And with all the thought that I put into it, that’s exactly how I felt that it should be.”

Whether you loved him or hated him you have to respect him. I had the pleasure of meeting him once. I found him pleasant then again I wasn’t playing for him or dressed as a referee either.

You’ll be missed General.

7 Responses to “The General Bobby Knight Says Goodbye”

  1. zigzag said

    Don’t forget:
    * One beat up folding chair thrown across the hardwood floor.
    * One unfulfilled warrant for his arrest in Puerto Rico.

  2. I didn’t know about the arrest what was that about?

  3. zigzag said

    Indiana was playing in San Juan in some tournament, at a practice he assaulted a police officer or some game official, was arrested, released, ordered to appear in a San Juan Court but never went back. The court issued a warrant for him that still stands. I don’t imagine he will be vacationing or retiring there.

  4. For some reason I thought that was in Cuba during the Pan Am games

  5. zigzag said

    You and I are each half right. It was not Indiana, it was the Pan Am games in Puerto Rico. The specifics are that he punched a policeman in an argument over the use of a practice gym. He was sentenced in absentia, Puerto Rico was unable to extradite him, but the warrant for his arrest remains.

  6. Joel said

    I threw a chair at work today in tribute to Knight…

  7. zigzag said

    I got arrested a couple of years ago but it was more of a tribute to an Arizona cop.

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