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Noel Devine is a Perfect Example of WVU Class: 80’s Style

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on February 20, 2008

No matter what I type here, it will never be as funny as the picture itself

While the assistant coaches at West Rodriguez Virginia University were being handed six figure contracts, someone is alleging that two West Virginia football players, including freshman tailback Noel Devine was handing out a can of hillbilly whoop ass.

“According to a report filed by a Morgantown Police Department officer, Husni M. Sangarie said he and a friend were attacked by Devine, fellow freshman Jock Sanders and perhaps other football players after all of them were kicked out of Club Z.”

Further proof that West Virginia is in last place in a lot areas compared to other states: Club Z. Notice the pathetic music that sounds like it was stolen from an old “after school” special they would run in late 70’s early 80’s. The photo album hasn’t been updated since 2006 and doesn’t work. Typical.

The new savior of WVU, Bill Stewart, isn’t immediately commenting on the situation. Again by not commenting is another poor attempt to try and be like an SEC school. Of course SEC coaches started commenting in the mid 80’s, more proof of WVU being behind the times.

“According to the police report, which was summarized in Tuesday’s edition of the Dominion Post, Sangarie told police that he and friends were inside Club Z when both his group and the group that included Devine and Sanders were told by bouncers to leave the bar after a commotion. Outside the bar, Sangarie said someone hit him in the back of the head.

Sangarie said he fell to the ground and then was kicked and punched by Devine, Sanders and the others in their group. Ryan Lewis, who was with Sangarie, said he was also punched and kicked.”

Noel Devine is (allegedly) performing the “bumrush” with fellow WVU player Sanders. The bumrush is so 80’s. Of course after getting kicked out of Club Z while dancing to Midnight Star’s “Electricity” one can see why they were pissed and acted out their 80’s fueled rage. Rumor has it the Noels’ over sized watch like Flava Flav wears around his neck, was also damaged during this (alleged) incident.

Tell me he’s not that short.

30 Responses to “Noel Devine is a Perfect Example of WVU Class: 80’s Style”

  1. Chris said

    Yuck it up, dipsh*t. Hillybilly pot meet hillbilly kettle.

  2. Andrew said

    Right – lord knows that nobody from South Carolina, LSU, or Alabama (armed robbery, for Christ sake) get into trouble. We dont even know for sure if this is true…

  3. zigzag said

    Could that butterball in the background say “West Virginia” any better?

  4. Double K said

    and you know the dudes that got bumrushed didn’t call 911, because get up, and get get get down, 911 is a joke in yo town

  5. “Yuck it up, dipsh*t. Hillybilly pot meet hillbilly kettle.”

    I neither from Tennessee or West Virginia. Dipshit.

  6. “Right – lord knows that nobody from South Carolina, LSU, or Alabama (armed robbery, for Christ sake) get into trouble.”

    God knows I hate on them especially USC more. So give me some credit I’m an equal opportunity hater in every regard.

    “We dont even know for sure if this is true…”

    Hence the reason the word allege is used in various fashions though out the post.

  7. “and you know the dudes that got bumrushed didn’t call 911, because get up, and get get get down, 911 is a joke in yo town”

    I still listen to Public Enemy. They’re one of my all time favorite acts from any decade.

  8. Joel said

    I had to go on iTunes just to get a flashback of “Electricity”, because I haven’t heard of that song in YEARS!!!

    Boy, Chris, between you saying “hillybilly” and Andrew, your reading comprehension skills (thus reflected by the 13 I am sure you scored on the ACT), you should be the poster children for the “No Child Left Behind” Act…

  9. drew said

    screw you dude. you know there are going to be people from west virginia trying to find shit out and all your doing is insulting the damn state. there probably wont even be charges because the witnesses testimonies didnt match up. by the way, why the hell would wvu want to be like the SEC? all they have to do is show up and everyone is on their nuts. wvu has to earn respect every year. 2006- sugar bowl. underdog. 28-0 first and second quarter. gator bowl- down 18 and pat white leads amazing comeback to win. 2008- fiesta bowl. lee corso “oklahoma, by at LEAST three touchdowns! west virginia gets DOMINATED”. won by twenty. yet pat white places like fourth in the heisman. the SEC think they are the gods of college football. maybe Notre Dame should join them too. perfect fit. another case of a team getting respect because of of its name- notre dame, because they arent in a confrence just basically has to have a winning record and theyre in the sugar bowl. that year, they got blown out by every good team they played. they lose the sugar bowl by 27. yet all year everyone is on brady quinn’s nuts because he can set records against army, navy, air force, stanford, and whatever other shitty teams they play. a little off topic, but this article really pissed me off. and i hate notre dame and the SEC if you didnt notice.

  10. “you know there are going to be people from west virginia trying to find shit out and all your doing is insulting the damn state.”

    Not my state so I don’t give a fuck about that.

    “wvu has to earn respect every year.”

    Every team has to earn respect every year quit feeling sorry for yourself.

    “yet pat white places like fourth in the heisman.”

    The Heisman voting and presentation is done before the bowl games again quit whining.

    “the SEC think they are the gods of college football.”

    More national championships than any other conference. So there’s not any thinking about that. It’s a proven fact.

    “i hate notre dame and the SEC if you didnt notice.”

    I hate Notre Dame with a passion but your hate for Notre Dame and the SEC could be fueled by the jealousy caused by the common knowledge that WVU has no national titles and the fact that if it wasn’t for WVU Lou Holtz might be without a national championship. God I hate Lou Holtz.

  11. Joel said

    Drew, you are the perfect example of a West Virginia fan: whining and clamoring for respect but look very foolish in the process. Let me help you out a little bit: You guys have a practice field for a stadium, Pat White didn’t even deserve to be in the Heisman race to begin with, and, sorry, lost my train of thought. The glare from those shiny national title trophies keep hitting me in the eye as I type. I would ask if you know how that feels but that would involve you guys having something other that big trophy from the Bluebonnet Bowl.

    By the way, I need to beef up my resume. Do me a favor and ask the local hustleman in Morgantown how much one of those WVU MBA’s are. Tell him to give me the Mylan deal…

  12. drew said

    pat white doesnt deserve to be in the heisman voting? do you know shit about college football? as a freshman starting five games he almost had a thousand yards rushing. he has been the most consistent player on the west virginia team and he is one of the best players in the country. and by the way, i dont really give a shit about how many titles the SEC has won. and the only reason lou holtz did win was because notre dame hit major harris out of bounds and injured his shoulder so he couldnt throw. but yeah, its kind of hard for wvu to even get a shot at the title when teams like ohio state can not do shit the last month of the season and still somehow jump up five spots and when teams like lsu can lose two weeks before the end of the season and somehow still make it. yes, i realize that west virginia lost to pitt so it didnt matter anyway, but still, its a little too easy for the sec or big ten to get into the better bowls.

  13. Joel said

    Pat White is consistently inaccurate and will be lucky to get drafted in the NFL next year. There’s a reason he didn’t come out as a junior.

    It is easy for a SEC or (undeservedly) Big 10 team to play for a national title because the overall conference is better. This year, the Big 10 was not as good as the SEC or Pac 10, and I believe that the past 8 years the Pac 10 has been better than the Big 10.

    The point being that the Mountaineers will continue to yearn for the respect that you won’t get because: Your coach and offensive coordinator left you. USF will continue to own you. You still gagged to a horrible Pitt team. You still have as your greatest QB in program history as Major F’n Harris. You have a laughingstock for an athletics department and administration. You have a governor that is more concerned about the football program and making sure daughter dearest gets a hot shot job with a paid for MBA than trying to tur around the state’s horrible economy. You are still West Virginia, and your rightful place in the Big Boy’s Breakfast of Champions table is over in the Kiddie Land play area with the boy that licks boogers (Louisville) and the girl that pees on herself (Rutgers).

  14. drew said

    maybe pat white didnt leave because he wants to enjoy his senior year. and he will get drafted, just not as a quarterback because with his style of play he would get killed. theyll move him to wide receiver or something. if not, then hell go pro baseball and play for the angels. but hes not inconsistent at all. the only time he doesnt play well is when hes injured. hes played with turftoe, an injured neck, an injured elbow, a dislocated finger, and a messed up shoulder. but whatever.

  15. drew said

    and rodriguez named pat white the best player to ever go to west virginia. he is the all time rushing leader for quarterbacks in the big east. and remember that michael vick was in the big east before virginia tech left.

  16. Joel said

    Chris Leak, Eric Crouch, Major Harris. What do these former college QB’s have in common??? They played in gimmicky offenses in college and did nothing in the NFL, if they even got drafted. Throwing 15 bubble screens a game is one thing, throwing down field is another. I like how you and your fellow Mountaineers like to defend “the best player to ever go to West Virginia”. That doesn’t say much about West Virginia football historically, but then again, you guys still have an all-time losing bowl record (even counting this year’s Fiesta Bowl win).

    Oh, if Terrell Pryor decides to go to Michigan, guess which coach will be calling him “the best player to ever go to Michigan”. Only then, there will be a LOT of great players that you could compare Pryor to. To judge Pat White against Major Harris, Quincy Wilson, Kay-Jay Harris, and Amos Zereoue would be like judging a stripper with bullet holes against strippers with cigarette burns, stretch marks, bulging veins, and leprosy…

  17. “yet pat white places like fourth in the heisman.”

    Something about that comment stuck me wrong. I couldn’t place my finger on it…then it hit me.

    He DIDN’T place fourth more like sixth

    Hell, Colt Brennan placed ahead of White…LOL

    Maybe White is returning so he can place 4th in the 2008 vote.

  18. drew said

    pryor’s not going to michigan. if he was he wouldve committed. hes going to go somewhere where he can play football and basketball so rodriguez is going to have to start with nothing.

  19. Joel said

    Yeah Drew Rodriguez will start with nothing…just like he did at your beloved West Virginia. Only this time, he has better facilities, bigger budget, a well-run athletics department, alums that can write bigger checks than Kendricks or Puskar can write, more national exposure, and longer more historic tradition. I would say that Rodriguez will be successful quicker than he was at WVU…

    Meanwhile, you’re stuck with 12 year olds who think they can coach because he’s the Main St. arcade champ of Madden 08…

  20. drew said

    too bad that kid was from connecticut

  21. Joel said

    A 12 year old from that “football factory” state thinks he can coach West Virginia football. He just might be a better coach now than Bill Stewart is. Think about it: the kid could have Optimus Prime as his defensive coordinator, because Prime believes in a heavy blitz package. Big Bird would be his offensive coordinator with the Count as RB coach. For special teams, Pacman Jones, to tie up the Mountaineer family. I can see him installing a stripper pole in the athletic dorms.

    If I were Garrison I would have pulled the trigger on that “great” coaching hire of the 12 year old…

  22. Devin said

    um. joel? that was pretty funny.


    i dont completely agree with this thing either, but seriously you all need to chill. you can argue all you want but youre not going to convince anyone of anything. drew’s got his mind made up. you guys have your mind made up. might as well stop. just for the record though, west virginia’s not the one that lost to appallachin state.

  23. Devin said

    wow. im such a fag. my boyfriend wanted me to publish this story. my bad guys. i need to change my name too. thomas the terrible is really straight.

  24. Devin said

    its too straight i mean.

  25. Joel said

    @22 No, West Virginia did not lose to Appy State, but they choked to Pitt. I would say that was a much worse loss, considerig how sorry Pitt was and what was on the line for the Mountaineers.

    Oh, Jim Leavitt got his contract extended with South Florida. Bull dominance over West Virginia will continue for the next few years…

  26. Drew said

    hmm. losing to division school to start off the season, losing to division 1 school. yeah, it was a hard loss but not nearly as bad as michigan. and i dont mind the result from the fiesta bowl.

  27. Drew said

    **losing to a devision 2 school

  28. Joel said

    You know Drew, sometimes you just gotta let sleeping dogs lie. With that said, we will see how Coach Stew can lead the Mountaineer football program…

  29. Drew said

    aight. ill let it go. but i got one more thing to say. PRYOR TURNED OL’ RODDY DOWN!
    looks like he will be starting with nothing. except some backups of a backup that transferred. cant wait to see ohio state cream michigan.
    and stewart will be fine. hes got a good coaching staff around him who are beasts at recruiting. not making any predictions, cause i always jynx the mountaineers when i do, but im thinkin its going to be a season that will make roddy wonder why he left.

  30. Jake said

    Back off of the players case doesnt matter seriously does it?? He’ll be on the field (the only place you know them at).

    I like all the haters who say placin 6th as a heisman candidate isn’t good. Keep sayin stuff like that to make your life feel more accomplished than Pat White. Nahhhhhhhhh not close.

    Moderators Notes: Please re-read no where in the post is Pat White or the Heisman trophy even mentioned. So your comment is “Nahhhhhh not close” to being relevant.

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