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A Mansion For Ole Miss Fans

Posted by Joel Jackson on March 2, 2008

I really can’t write a full post about this picture. I think it speaks for itself. My man Oscar e-mailed me this pic, taken at a trailer park in Mississippi. Hotty Toddy indeed. All that is missing is “The Grove” and Houston Nutt sending dirty text messages to a local reporter…


I think the little pond makes it “classy”…


13 Responses to “A Mansion For Ole Miss Fans”

  1. Just curious, where in Mississippi is this?

  2. KC said

    I don`t know how I see this picture, you say the pond is classy and all I see is trashy. If I were to stay here “Room at the top please”.

  3. MoonDog said

    The flower-adorned sidewalk to nowhere is my personal favorite.

  4. Joel said

    @1 Supposedly in Meridian, MS. Keyword is “supposedly”. Knowing the source, it could very well have been somewhere in Alabama, minus the houndstooth and toilet paper…

  5. Well, Meridian is just right down interstate from the T-Town Ghettos.

  6. Joel said

    That explains a lot then…

  7. zigzag said

    Meridian does not fit. You would find that in northeast Mississippi, probably Mantachie or New Site. The green one really has a nice touch with the windmill sitting on the pallet plus the colorful umbrellas add to the classiness of the place. Those fans in the Grove can only hope that their tent city could reach that level of luxury.

  8. MoonDog said

    That windmill suggests they are of Dutch decent. How about that cement pond and the chicken coop up against the old storage container? Those are clear indicators of this being a high-end trailer park community. Donald Trump will look to purchase this property in a hostile takeover.

  9. zigzag said

    The guy that owns the top one is definitely not a Bama fan, he could neve get his obese, intoxicated ass up that set of ladders and steel steps.

  10. TB said

    It looks like the dorms over in Starkville. Or Picayunne, MS

  11. NOsux said

    I think it looks like the people of New Orleans finally decided to rebuild after Katrina.

  12. supercynic said

    Judging by the color scheme — I see some Vol orange, KY blue, LSU yellow (it’s not gold), some Ole Miss red, and perhaps a non-conference team or 2 — I think these are people still mad at the referees giving a game away to Alabama.

  13. JD said

    Looks to me like left field at Dudy Noble.

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