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You Call That Discipline? Let the OBC Show You what Discipline is all About.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on March 3, 2008

Phil Fulmer you call your police ride-a-long program weak discipline? I think not. Nick Saban you call your double secret probation punishment weak discipline? Obviously it isn’t. Urban Meyer you call your idea of suspending players for games against 1-AA schools weak discipline? Try again. Sit down boys and let Steve God Spurrier show you just how weak discipline should be administered.

Last Sunday morning at 1:30 AM offensive lineman Kevin Young was arrested and charged with fighting and resisting arrest in the infamous Five Points area. This was the perfect opportunity for God Spurrier to try out his latest version of SEC discipline that was inspired by Berry Switzer and the movie “Varsity Blues”.

Columbia Police Department spokesman Brick Lewis says Young was charged with fighting and resisting arrest. earlier got information from police that he was charged with disorderly conduct, but police now say that he does not face that charge.

Young was field-booked at the scene and not taken to jail, according to Lewis.

Instead of going through the normal process of the “USC Perp Walk”, this new style of discipline eliminates that and sends the USC football on their merry way home. No time in a cell, no finger printing and best of all unlike the pervious two players that were involved in a fight this one didn’t get stabbed.

The best part of this latest discipline method is the player will likely avoid being punished by the university.

Athletic department spokesman Steve Fink says Young’s status with the team has not been determined. School policy is an automatic suspension for an athlete who has been arrested, but Young was not taken in.

That’s right. Even though he was charged and technically arrested and booked, under this new discipline policy Young was never taken to the Po Po palace known as the Richland County Detention Center. That means Spurrier has found a way to have the school itself look the other way.

So to all you other SEC coaches who believe their discipline method is the weakest think again. The hammer has been thrown by Spurrier. Young will most likely be rewarded, after all Spurrier wishes some more of his players had some fight in them.

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