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Excessive Force, Conspiracy & Suspensions: Another Day of Gamecock Football

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on March 5, 2008

The alleged “victim”

The liberal media of Columbia has taken God Spurriers’ mantra “Be like Florida” to new heights. There have been reports in the media that Young was treated unfairly by responding officers.

Last Sunday morning at 1:30 AM offensive lineman Kevin Young was arrested and charged with fighting and resisting arrest in the infamous Five Points area.

It seems that Kevin McCrarey, a co-host on South Carolina News Network’s SportsTalk show was in the area getting his drink on and witnessed Young getting a beat down by the Po Po.

“Kevin Young-they grabbed him and this police officer was just pounding him on the back of the head as they brought him down to the ground. Continued to hit him,” McCrarey said.

“Just as a citizen, watching that happen was disturbing when you see the people protecting you making a situation out of control,” McCrarey said.

McCrarey added that at the time, he didn’t know the person being arrested was a USC football player and that he also shat his pants at the scene of such violence.

Neither Young nor the University of South Carolina has filed a complaint against the police officer. Nor are there any bruises or lacerations one would expect to have after a beat down.

This alleged conspiracy has forced city manager & acting Po Po chief Charles Austin to call upon SLED (South Carolina Law Enforcement Division) to investigate the matter.

“If in fact there was an act of excessive force, then we want to identify what happened and deal with it in a timely manner. If there was not, the public has a right to know that, too,” Austin said.

Austin also added that if this story turns out to be true he couldn’t blame the officer because after all this is a Gamecock football player we’re talking about.

Charles Austin says there is no basis for action to be taken against police at this time. Rather, they’re waiting on the SLED investigation to learn the truth about what happened, and hope to know more in a few days.

Of course the national media is ignoring this story instead they are focusing on the fact that Carlos Thomas was suspended by God Spurrier for violating team rules and team behavior.

I’m sure what “team behavior” is supposed to mean, maybe he hasn’t been arrested yet so this is Spurriers’ way of getting through to him. Or possibly the puff puff pass rule is incorporate with team behavior.

Thomas has been suspended indefinitely from the team which in Gamecock terminology means 2 practices. Also running back Mike Davis also has been suspended for one game for missing too many classes. If this keeps up there will not be enough players to suit up for the opening game.

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