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Mitch Williams wants to Cuss Around Your Kids

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on March 12, 2008

Whenever Williams was on the mound, his nervous teammate Curt Schilling was caught by CBS television cameras burying his face in a towel. Schilling’s behavior not only irked Mitch Williams (who, to this day, harbors bitter feelings towards Schilling), but also fellow Phillies teammates like Larry Andersen and Danny Jackson, who (on the Top 5 Reasons You Can’t Blame… episode about Mitch Williams) accused Schilling of purposely trying to get more camera time. Of course Schilling has two rings Williams does not. Go figure.

Now the former MLB pitcher Mitch Williams not only revels in the fact he is the reason the Phillies lost the 1993 World Series by lobbing a ball to Joe Carter, but also wants to curse around kids.

Whenever Williams isn’t hocking his salsa he is enlightening nuns and kids to the wonderful world of four letter words. The former Phillies hurler cursed at a female referee who was calling a basketball game in which his daughter, a fifth-grader, was playing for St. Mary of the Lakes against Our Lady of Good Counsel.

Williams has admitted to being sorry that he used the f-word while yelling at the ref. “I’m emotional when it comes to my kids. What I saw happening was completely unfair,” Williams said, referring to his daughter’s team being fouled repeatedly with a lack of calls from the refs. He then added that he thinks the uglier of the nuns are a bunch of c-words like the refs.

The apology isn’t doing much for Ron Martin, who oversees referees as the Camden Board 34 independent assigner. He said yesterday that he called St. Mary of the Lakes to say that although the season ended last night, if Williams “is going to appear at any games next year, we will not officiate them. If he enters the gym in the middle of a game, we will stop officiating.” Martin is executive editor of the Burlington County Times.

“A lot of people challenge calls, but when someone hits on one of the magic words, we can’t tolerate that stuff,” he said. Martin said Williams’ outburst is “not indicative of St. Mary’s athletic program. There are some great people over there,” he said. The 33-year-old female referee declined comment yesterday.

Mitch shouldn’t mess with the refs especially when they’re the press as well. The next leg of the 2008 “Curse like a Sailor or a Former Relief Pitcher Tour” will feature Williams cursing out the homeless of Philadelphia, the Pope & orphans.

This moment was brought to you by Mitch Williams.

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Bruce Pearl is Victim of Rape

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on March 12, 2008

He was to drunk to coach at the beginning of year…

Congrats Coach Pearl you’ve been officially anally raped again. Instead of taking home the SEC basketball coach of year outright he has to share this with Billy “I lost to Gardner Webb, Houston, UAB & San Diego while embarrassing the SEC” Gillispie.

You might recall that in Pearls’ first year as the head coach of Tennessee he then had to share the SEC coach of the year award with John Brady who was the LSU coach at the time. Brady has been fired since then; let’s hope to keep that trend going.

It shows how well you are doing when there is so much envy among your peers that they try to knock you down by pretending you are not good. As I recall, one of the KY players did not begin playing until later in the year and then the team began to play better, thus the reason for the improvement was the return of the player instead of the coaching.

Essentially, they’re rewarding Gillispie because of the coaching he did to overcome such a poor start. A start, by the way, that could be attributable to poor coaching at the beginning of the year. Does he get co-honors as best and worst coach of the year also?

To me there are a number of reasons Gillispie shouldn’t even be considered for COY:

  • Pearl coached at team that had the #1 RPI and a top 2 SOS. UK wasn’t even close in RPI or SOS.
  • UT went undefeated at home this season. UK lost multiple games at home with major losses to unranked S. Diego and Gardner Webb.
  • Coaching a team that gets beat by 40 pts should never be considered for coach of the year in any conference.
  • Pearl takes his team to its first outright title since the 60’s and has beaten the #1 team in the nation AND was ranked #1 in the nation.
  • Ashley Judd is a whore

If you put the bodies of work next to each other, it isn’t even close. 2 rivalry losses in conference both on the road and a loss to Texas speak volumes. This shouldn’t even be a discussion.

I think it is evident that there is a measuring stick of inconsistency. I find it hard to believe that any team (not just because it is UT) goes 28-3 and loses only to the then #5 team in the nation (Texas), a then #16 ranked Vandy and a rival UK isn’t viewed as head and shoulders over a team that is 18-12 with a number of pitiful losses.

When you make a decision, you do so based on a standard. UT has been ranked in the top 10 almost all season (if not all season). When you compare that with a team that lost to the teams Kentucky lost to it isn’t even a contest.

I won’t scream conspiracy, but if you put the two resumes side by side it is a no brainer. Chalk it up and move on, but you tell me…who would you rather have coaching your basketball team?

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