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Your Saturday Linkage, News and Notes

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on March 15, 2008

How the SEC tournament has played out so far…

Dave Odem is officially unemployed thank to my beloved Vols.

Gators are NIT bound

Vandy proves they don’t play well outside of Rupp arena & their home court.

Alabama, Auburn, LSU & Ole Miss are bye bye

Scary weather related stuff regarding as to why Georgia and Kentucky have tipped it off yet. Schedules and the venue as changed and you can read about it here.

YoJoe details the latest lawsuit Jonathan Lee Riches© has filed

LawVol is the first to crack the story about Saban adding Eliot Spitzer is his staff 

The Leaky Brain examines Blatant Discrimination in College Cheerleading.

The Tide Druid details a collect call involving Mark G

Moondog has yet another excellent article about us the bloggers vs the liberal left print media

5 Responses to “Your Saturday Linkage, News and Notes”

  1. MoonDog said

    Thanks for the link. I paid for this comment from the Spitzer’s joint account too.

    Too bad about the SEC tourney. After that kid from Bama hit the three to send it into OT, I flipped to another game and missed all the excitement. I know all too well about tornadoes.

  2. zigzag said

    Georgia beats Ole Miss in OT, comes back after all that weather stuff and beats Kentucky at their own game, in OT, then three hours later they have to play Mississippi State. If the Real Bulldogs beat the Cowshit Bulldogs, Tennessee (probably) or Arkansas (not so likely) should forfeit to Georgia and those Dogs should be given the SEC championship on the spot. Final analysis: Kentucky is the most overrated, sorry ass team in the SEC. How in God’s name they ever won 12 conference games is the mystery of the century.

  3. RazorbackinTexas said

    To: Thomas the Terrible and your sidekick, Joel:

    Apparently, Wilt Chamberlain slept with both you kids’ mothers, and probably at the same time and you both suck.

    First, your comments on the NCAA basketball “bubble”. You listed 65 teams.

    Other than that, you just generally suck.

  4. To: RazorbackinTexas

    Apparently you’re jealous that Wilt Chamberlain found your mother to unattractive to sleep with.

    I listed 65 teams because guess what with the “play in” game you have 65 teams.

    Since your mother is obviously a skank and you can’t perform math, you suck worse.


    Beat North Carolina

  5. Joel said

    RazorbackinTexas, for those of you that may not know, translates into a “Trailer Park All-Star living in the Land of Weed Smoking Pagans”…

    In other words, he spends countless hours making trips to the local Spencer’s Gifs searching for more glow in the dark stars, lava lamps, and black light posters so that he can decorate his double wide…

    You know, I didn’t know of anyone in 2008 that was still using the WebTV service until RazorbackinTexas came on here…

    Happy Easter!!!

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