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Tony Navarro the Ass Kicking Caddy

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on June 17, 2008

Tony Navarro lives by a code.

  • Check with player what level of “advice” they would like
  • Clean club heads before the start of the round
  • Kick the living shit out of hecklers

After hearing a fan use racial slurs to verbally abuse him and his golfer, Scott, caddie Tony Navarro charged the ropes that keep fans off the course, went under the ropes with his bag on his back and gave the younger Campbell an atomic caddy-vengeance head-butt.

Navarro and the younger Campbell then wrestled for several seconds, Campbell missing the caddie with a wild swing. Mickelson’s caddie, Jim Mackay, then arrived to try and stabilize the situation. And moments later the San Diego Po Po arrested Campbell and his father, who hurled himself into the fray to try and rescue his son, injuring two female officers in the process. Both were charged with public drunkenness and hauled away to the local jail where I’m sure they were called out by golf loving inmates.

I know spectators pay to be there, but they are still there as guest. You conduct yourselves properly or leave. I really don’t condone confrontation such as this. But if this what it took to get it stopped so be it. Fans defiantly are needed for the sport, but apparently there needs to be some sort of policing when it gets out of control.

I do think that everyone who yells “You da man” or “Get in the hole” should be tazered.

“Well, they were being a little loud and a little rude,” Woods said. “Stuey [Stuart Appleby] is over there on 18 trying to tee off, and Tony is trying to make sure that he doesn’t have these guys yelling on their swing. And they didn’t like that very much.”

To make matters worse. The younger Campbell’s 7-year-old son also was taken away and later picked up by a family member, according to Lt. Christman. He said the Campbell father and son duo would be charged with being drunk in public.

At the very least, dad and grandpa drunk in public with their 7-year old son/grandson. Nice. Add bad sportsmanship and it gets worse, never mind the altercation. Poor kid.

I realize that golf can be pretty boring, but please people, stay home and watch on TV if you have to be drunk to watch it.

Lt. Christman was one of the first on the scene. He said he saw Scott’s caddie, Navarro, go through the ropes with Scott’s golf bag on his back and confront the younger Campbell.

“My belief was they were heckling the caddie or one of the players,” Lt. Christman said. “The caddie, I don’t know why, the caddie left the playing field, went outside of the ropes, went nose to nose with the guy. Security then grabbed the person who was arrested with his son and the caddie was pulled back and went back into the field of play.”

“We were very, very close. We immediately grabbed him and then the father came over and stumbled into the arrest trying to pull his son free. Literally stumbled into the arrest. He wouldn’t let go of his son. They got their legs intertwined. The son was with security guards first and then the police finished the arrest. We had to untangle the father and son.”

Jim Schuch, a volunteer marshal who is at least 80 years old and is effected by osteoporosis or he would have liked to get his licks in as well, said he saw the incident unfold. He said the Campbells were taunting Navarro, with one of them yelling over to the caddie to come over to the ropes. So he did and delivered caddy justice.

“I don’t know if the guy was high or drunk, but he kept yelling and going at Scott’s caddie,” Schuch said. “The caddie went after him at the bottom there, and then the police came in and broke it up.”

Lt. Christman was asked that it could be argued that the caddie, Navarro, was at fault for leaving the field of play to confront a golf fan in the gallery.

“That’s a judgment call,” Lt. Christman said. “That’s a statement of commentary, but it’s not appropriate that I do it. Certainly we don’t want people to respond in any way to name-calling in a way that might heighten the confrontation.”

“The father and son go to jail tonight because they’re drunk,” Lt. Christman said. “The confrontation portion of it is probably going to be submitted and be reviewed by the district attorney’s office.”

Anyone heckling a caddy is a moron and deserves to be beat down. And to be doing so when you are over 60 years old? Pathetic.

I wonder if those two morons are anything like the morons below:

One Response to “Tony Navarro the Ass Kicking Caddy”

  1. Shame on Bubba Watson

    I recently did some scoring work for NBC at this years US Open at Torrey Pines in San Diego. I had the misfortune to score for the threesome of J.B. Holmes, Andrew Sveboda and Bubba Watson. I say misfortune because of the behavior of one Bubba (low class)Watson. First on the 9th or 10th hole his drive hits a spectator on the arm. Not a big deal however instead of going over to the guy and giving him a golf ball or glove like Tiger would do, he sends his caddie. Yes caddie, who merely gave him his condolences…. Even the USGA official with the group was surprised. Caddie… what’s with that. Then on the 14th hole his playing partner, Sveboda hits his drive left of the fairway and searches for his ball in the underbrush. J.B. Holmes helps Sveboda look for the ball but not low class he hangs around his ball and does nothing. Bubba you are supposed to help….. Obviously in Milton Florida they play with a different set of rules and etiquette. Bubba maybe a trip to a Milton is in order for Etiquette class 101 “How to conduct myself on a golf course” is in order?

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