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Vandy has new Uniform Designs

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 16, 2008

Vanderbilt football players will wear nine uniform variations this season with black, gold and white options for both jerseys and pants. Which gives more credence to the question,”wonder which team will show up?”

The two-color stripe, standard on Commodore pants from 2002 to 2006, has been removed to make the scheme appear less gay and has been replaced with the Nike “swoosh” and the team’s official two-color “Star V” logo patch stitched on either hip. Which actually makes the uniforms appear more gay than before.

The two-color stripe formerly on jersey sleeves also has been eliminated, replaced with a one-inch solid black stripe. Vandy could have 900 uniform variations and it still wouldn’t change the product on the football field.

At most, they can only absorb 2 losses in the same uniforms. Now that’s brilliance on display right there.

Making the jersey unique to Vanderbilt is the inclusion of the color “Star V” logo into a “home plate” design in the front collar.

The same logo also has been added to the back of each jersey above the number, making Vanderbilt one of only a few teams nationally to feature such a design.

One design that didn’t make the cut was a tiny Fleur-De-Lis emblazoned on each pant cheek.


5 Responses to “Vandy has new Uniform Designs”

  1. abarclay12 said

    They’re so disco now.

  2. Joel said

    (from right to left) Lawyer, Engineer, Doctor, Accountant…

  3. Yeah accountants are short

  4. Joel said

    Reminds me too much of Central Florida’s unis…

    When did this blog become Uni Watch???

  5. When the ssslllooowwww season started

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