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The Weekend is Here

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 18, 2008

Let’s start the weekend off with some linkage to fellow bloggers.

First up Moondog explains how failure and tOSU tend to go hand in hand

The Rogue Cop at Chicken Curse actually answers an e-mail I sent to him. I literally had tears streaming down my face.

The Blue Workhorse has broken the story of Favre signing with the Falcons.

Losers With Socks runs the SEC on the new EA Sports NCAA 09 simulator. See how your team fared.

The Hog Tale is revising the history of Matt Jones.

The resident hottie at The Leaky Brain revels her streaking background.

Matt of The Nasty Boys discusses Radomski & the HGH receipts that could ground the Rocket for good.

The Third Saturday in Blogtober has an exclusive look at what maybe the Tennessee Vols uniforms.

As always Yo Joe at Dreadnaught has the latest Jonathan Lee Riches© lawsuit.

Yes…yes we do!


One Response to “The Weekend is Here”

  1. moondogleft said

    Thanks for the link bro!

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