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Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 18, 2008

You’re Never to Old for Your First Tattoo

Meet “Aunt” Agnes Falls, a 90-year-old Pittsburgh woman, who recently got her first tattoo. It’s not an airbrush or one of those fakes. It’s the real deal. It’s also the ultimate thing to do too prove your fanhood. I have one on left bicep but of the Tennessee Power T of course. Rock on “Aunt” Agnes!

Shot Glass? Jason Giambi Doesn’t Need a Shot Glass

That’s right porn-tache aficionado Jason Giambi refuses to use shot glasses or common sense. What more can you expect from a man who admits to wearing a golden thong on the field?

The University of Hawaii Wants you to be Drunk

The Budweiser bottler in Hawaii is donating one quarter per case of beer sold to help build new athletics facilities. However Budweiser has set a cap their contribution to $100,000. So, based on the price of most things in Hawaii, roughly .00000000001% of the profit per case will be going to education.

And is case you haven’t noticed we’ve added some new links to the blogroll you should check out.


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