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I Miss Coach O

Posted by Joel Jackson on July 20, 2008

Ran across this video and it is a classic: “highlights” from the Egg Bowl last year between Ole Miss & Miss. St. Yup, this video pretty much sums up Coach O’s coaching career. I will miss him. If you will miss him like I will, as you watch this video recite these words in your head as Elvis sings: Yaw Yaw Yaw, Footbaw, & Wild Boyz…


3 Responses to “I Miss Coach O”

  1. TideDruid said

    I kinda miss the guy too. I recently read “Meat Market” by Bruce Feldman and it brought back some great O memories.

  2. Joel said

    Druid, where have you been hiding??? I thought I was gone a lot the past couple of months…

  3. TideDruid said

    I have been. Graduating and entering the real world have kind of put the ole blog into semi-retirement in order for me to adjust.

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