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We’ve Entered “Certain Blogs” Status According to

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 22, 2008

It appears that has been tipped by someone of our meager existence here. They have propelled us into the infamous “Certain Blogs” status while linking to us.

“Don’t judge.” That’s what my mom always used to say, which is like when 50 Cent raps, “You shouldn’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.” That’s just amazing, Fifty and my mom never agree on anything! Vanderbilt running back Jermaine Doster probably concurs as well. Doster was arrested early Friday morning after he refused to leave The Honey-Pot Bar in Tampa Bay. The feisty redshirt freshman then kicked out the back windows of the police car in which he was “relaxing”. Here’s the kicker : According to certain blogs and nightlife Web sites, The Honey-Pot Bar is a gay club. But, before you jump to conclusions, keep this in mind, The Honey-Pot Bar also serves great French fries and has a lovely interior design.”

(Sarcastic ‘Woo Hoo’) Jackass next time say the blog name.


5 Responses to “We’ve Entered “Certain Blogs” Status According to”

  1. Patrick (the pater familias) said

    HAHA, maybe we should all start linking to them as “certain sports rags.”

  2. Clasidog said

    You guy’s are getting famous!!!
    Take it as a compliment!! I wish I had your hits!!

    Oh yeah and don’t laugh….gooooo Blue Jays….

  3. Danometer said

    OH CRAP! You’re in SI?!?! This means you’ll have a season-ending injury in September!

  4. MoonDog said

    The only time anyone refers to my site as “a certain blog” is when they call it “a certain blog that sucks.”

  5. lawvol said

    So, do you dispute the fact that they have a lovely interior design? I feel a hard-hitting investigative report coming on about media bias…

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