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Robert Wendell Smith: Worlds greatest Auburn fan!

Posted by Billy Bob Bammer on July 24, 2008

A lot has been said about the subpoena that Phil Fulmer received today. What everyone is failing to realize is Robert Wendell Smith is an Auburn fan. Sure people say he was a Bama booster but that was a cleverly devised ploy to hurt Bama. As a Bama Nation we must be atoned! RTR!

Smith is suing the NCAA for defamation, claiming the organization and several members of the infractions committee slandered him in accusing him of violating NCAA rules.

This “lawsuit” against the NCAA is garbage and this hurts my Bama nation more than Tennessee. Every time someone brings this up we are reminded that Saint Logan Young paid over $100,000 for Albert Means. Now it comes out that this Wendell dude paid $20,000 for this Smith kid? Bama fans let us all hope these charges were covered in the last round of probation we were served or we could risk having to answer more questions about buying players our recruiting methods. That would be a disaster for our program. The biggest irony of it all is that Lord Saban was one of the original coaches that turned Bama in on the recruiting violations. (He hadn’t been baptized by the spirit of Behr like he is now. rtr

According to the subpoena Fulmer is ordered to give a deposition on Sept. 25. The Thursday before the Auburn game! See folks what more proof do you need? Smith is a Barn lover!

Worst case scenario. Fulmer takes the stand and talks about how he, Steve God Spurrier, Houston Nutt, and present-day Behr resurrected Bama coach Lord Nick Saban all turned in the Tide for paying for players. If the our courts have any sense at all and Fulmer’s lawyers have any sense at all, this goes away quickly. I hope so because I have plenty money invested in the Hoover High team. I mean err… I need to hit the recruiting trail. rtr

Now we know in all likelihood the deposition will be moved because of the game. That is of course if this lawsuit doesn’t get thrown out completely before then.

This is a feeble attempt by an undercover Auburn fan to hurt both Bama and Tennessee at once. The attorneys for Mr. Smith are far from top notch as Lawvol stated in his take on this:

“Considering that the Blankenship, Harrelson and Wollitz, LLC website includes a “Do I Have a Case” web form as well as a PayPal link (which is a new one for this lawyer), the firm appears … well … in the vein of many of the firms that routinely advertise on daytime television.”

Another scary thought is now maybe Fulmer will get mad enough to actually have a game plan in place against us this year and that means trouble. Well played Auburn…well played.

Rumored to be Mr Smith notice how well he blends in with us? RTR


5 Responses to “Robert Wendell Smith: Worlds greatest Auburn fan!”

  1. john from bama_12nc's said

    omg this is so stupid but i hope this is supposed to be satire i mean come on billy bob everyone knows that if anything this this robert wendell smith guy is a tennessee fan the flamin orange nation sacrificed one of their own and told fatass phill to turn bama in after there plan brought fruit to bear.

    roll tide billy bob!

    ps why do you write on what looks like a gay ass orange vawl website lol

  2. I wish that wuz the case John. But RWS is a Barn fan. If you check the records you would find that RWS admitted to giving the player money. The player by the way the player failed to qualify academically for Bama. rtr If Smith was a Vawl he would be suing the school but he ain’t and he knows no Bama judge would allow him to sue Bama. rtr!

    I’m guest writer here. Even though the creator of the blog is a Vawl fan we get along all right. rtr!

    Roll Tide John!

  3. john from bama_12nc's said

    but that dont make no sense cuz the only law school in the state is alabama so all the judges and lawyers come from bama the barn could never do such a thing if we had a elephant get sick or something then he died id say that it was a barner doctor on purpose cuz they are a cow college and that cow college doc would let alabamas elephant die this was legal stuff that a barner could never pull off and i think the guy is from jackson county which is up north where scotsboro is right by the state line i have seen vawl orange up there

    do the turdesee guys censor you at all cuz i dont see how you dont see how it was a ville fan and you got to be able to see it unless you have to tone it down cuz there butts are still hurting from that 41-17 beating they took

    roll tide billy bob!

  4. Scott Culpepper said

    I have seen things at UT that I was sure wasn’t true. When Coach Fulmer was named a Secret Witness I lost a lot of faith in him. Lord knows I was one of the dumb asses who kept yelling Alabama fans are retarded. It turns out I and thousands of others are retarded. Robert Weldon Smith apparently is telling the truth. Let’s not look foolish again by writing and saying things we know nothing about. Go Vols.

  5. Max said

    Wendell is quite a character.. he does have a case.

    Funny because the more that is written just reinforces his case in regards to defamation.

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