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Pac Man Jones Sells Cars while awaiting Reinstatement

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 26, 2008

Even though Pac Man Jones sorry Rain Man Jones hasn’t been reinstated by Roger Goodell, he can still save you MO MONEY, MO MONEY, MO MONEY!!!

That’s right even though he hasn’t been cleared to play or practice for that matter, Adam Jones is pimping rides for “Drivers Select“. And look who’s with him. Why it’s “Prime Time” Deion Sanders!

Clearly Drivers Select wasn’t working with a big budget for this. I love how Adam Jones formally known as Pac Man doesn’t try to pretend that he isn’t reading from a cue card. And what a snazzy Drivers Select jersey you have there Pac.. I mean Adam.

Look for Jones to land more endorsement deals if he is reinstated for such fine establishments like “Mee Maws Truck Driving & Law School” & “Mrs. Wong’s Happy Ending Massage Parlors”.


One Response to “Pac Man Jones Sells Cars while awaiting Reinstatement”

  1. Patrick (the pater familias) said

    He is out of his mind. If you want to be formerly known as Pacman, then stop bringing it up! Personally, I think he should keep going by Pacman because it was a cool name, and I think it is stupid to think that his name had something to do with it. It’s the economy your conduct, stupid!

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