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Arkansas Wide Receiver Marques Wade smokes the ganja but still gets the DUI

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 28, 2008

Ok here’s the scenario. You’re Marques Wade a wide receiver for the Arkansas Razorbacks. You’ve just been pulled over for speeding through a parking and nearly hitting a fellow pig the Po Po. When the police ask why you have bloodshot eyes and have you been drinking do you:

A.     Lie and say no

B.     Lie but say admit to smoking a fat blunt

C.     Start sending indecent text messages to Houston Nutt

If you said “B” then you’re correct and win a lifetime supply of Petrino-A-Roni. Which knowing Petrino the way we do a lifetime supply is actually something like 2 months.

Now Marques Wade was released from Washington County jail early Sunday morning after posting an $880 bond. His breathalyzer test showed Wade had a blood-alcohol level of 0.11. Arkansas’ legal limit is 0.08. Oh yeah he did tell the Po Po he was not drunk but high instead.

I believe he was the visitor sitting next to me at our last local Mensa meeting. Not sure…..

Why wasn’t he tooling around on a moped like some other Arkansas players? Finally why didn’t he be cool and break out the police car windows? Is that a Vanderbilt thing?

A university spokesman said Petrino was “very upset” & that the matter “will be dealt with.”

Maybe Petrino should make him write “Alcohol isn’t as bad as drugs and I’m stupid” about 1000 times.


One Response to “Arkansas Wide Receiver Marques Wade smokes the ganja but still gets the DUI”

  1. Danometer said

    Was Wade the only non-freshman WR for the Hogs this year?

    1-11, win against Western Illnoise

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