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Tuesday Random Musings

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 5, 2008


I dare you to click it

I dare you to click it

It’s 6:18 AM and it’s already hotter than crack whore in a male prison. Let’s get to musing.

Those Big Orange Roundtable members that have answered this weeks questions are:

Ladies are you looking for a redneck boyfriend or a husband? Then don’t come here but instead go sit in the infield of a NASCAR race. One other thing you can pretty easily pick up at a NASCAR race? VD.

Pat Summit is the queen of college basketball and now she’s giving back to the University of Tennessee.

Things aren’t looking up for O.J. yet another person will testify against him at the upcoming Vegas trial. Jerry Jones is waiting to see if he beats the charges so he can offer him a contract with the cowboys.

Moondog gives us an update on the recruiting of Marlon Brown.

Losers With Socks defines what a Cromptonite really is.

Epic Carnival gives us 10 Reasons EA Sports is Responsible for this whole Brett Fa*** fiasco.


3 Responses to “Tuesday Random Musings”

  1. Danometer said

    Was that picture really necessary?

  2. MoonDog said

    That dude looks like the average person walking down any street in Memphis, especially in the Orange Mound area.

  3. Joel said

    @2 No, that is more of the Cooper-Young area…

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