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Gee Cubs fans you actually wonder why you’re considered classless?

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 9, 2008

No not all Cubs are classless morons but the select ones that are take the cake or in this case the water jug.

A tall, semi-attractive female reporter is attempting to do a news report outside Wrigley Field.

However, a Chicago Cubs fan covered entirely in blue paint thought it would be cool to dump a cooler full of water on her. Is that guy the Gargamel/Smurfette love child?

Then again on the south side they just beat the shit out of visitors, so pick your poison.

Of course “cool acts” such as these are always videotaped and uploaded to YouTube by such classless dimwits.

The idiotic ironic of this is the guy yelling, “Welcome to Chicago,” at the end of the video.

I’ve been to Chicago several times; hell I almost took a job with the Rockford police department years ago. Rockford is the second largest city in Illinois and 30 minutes from Chicago for those that didn’t know. Funny nothing like that every happened to me when I was there which is good thing because I would have been arrested for murder.

Further proof that:

  1. Cubs fans are idiots
  2. Cubs will never win the World Series
  3. You can never trust the Orientals (joking 🙂 )

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