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I believe Ken Lucas is looking for another ass whipping

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 15, 2008

Lucas after Smith schooled him

Lucas after Smith schooled him

Many of you may remember that on August 1st, Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve “Hands of Stone” Smith punched beat the hell out of cornerback Ken Lucas.

Apparently Lucas didn’t learn his lesson. Even though Lucas punked by someone who at least 18 inches shorter than him, he is now talking trash about Smith in the press. In an interview for the Charlotte Observer he states:

“I’m not going to lie to you and tell you it was easy,” says Lucas. “I never thought I could.”

He adds: “I could have hurt him in a serious way.”

However in fairness to Lucas he also might have realized his error during the interview or he remembers the pain that Smith put him though because he then states:

“It could have ended a lot of different ways,” says Lucas. “I could have lost my eyesight, I could have lost consciousness, I could have lost my life.”

Well I’m glad Smith didn’t kill you. Can we say drama queen everyone?

Smith has been suspended for two games but that’s really just to train for a fight with the world’s toughest man Chuck Norris. Smith refuses to comment on Lucas’s cowardly statements to the press. After all Smith will let his actions do the talking.


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