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Hideki Irabu has a funny name but can he drink!

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 20, 2008

Hideki Irabu is a former pitcher for the New York Yank’mees and the only pitcher to be publicly referred to as a “fat toad” by George Steinbrenner.

Well he’s in the news again. Not because the Yank’mees signed him to help with their ailing bullpen but because he allegedly assaulting a bartender after drinking 20 mugs of beer.

That’s right 20! Top that all you would be alcoholics.

Irabu, became an unhappy former Yank’mee camper after his credit card was rejected. He “allegedly” pushed the bartender against the wall, pulled his hair and smashed at least nine liquor bottles at a bar in Osaka, western Japan, a police official said on condition of anonymity, citing department policy.

What no crane kick? What’s up with that?

The Amy Vanderbilt Complete Book of Etiquette : 50th Anniversary Edition clearly states that one is not allowed to assault the bartender until he or she has:

A.     Taken the keys away from your drunken ass

B.     Actually serve you beer in a glass

C.     Run three separate credit cards with no avail.

It’s clear that Irabu was lawfully in the wrong and apparently lacks proper bar manners as well.

The bartender sustained no injuries. Irabu paid the bill with another credit card.

The police official said Irabu admitted the assault before spewing in the back of their nice clean Po Po car.

Irabu started his career with the Chiba Lotte Marines of Japan’s Pacific League and joined the New York Yankees in 1997 on a four-year, $12.8 million.

He spent six seasons in the majors with the Yankees, Montreal Expos and Texas Rangers before signing with Japan’s Hanshin Tigers in 2003. Irabu had a career major league record of 34-35 with a 5.15 ERA.

He retired in 2005 and currently lives in California.


One Response to “Hideki Irabu has a funny name but can he drink!”

  1. Doublek said

    Damn that dude can drink. What a great post, and it immediately took me back to the 1997 Late Night with David Letterman Top 10 Ways to Mispronounce Hideki Irabu:

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