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St. Nick the Even Keel

Posted by Little Bear Cub on September 1, 2008

Bama’s Back Ass Wipes!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost want to cry…………


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VP Candidate Sarah Palin knows her sports!

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 1, 2008

First off happy Labor Day all and yes I’m planning a post about college football but only after all the games have been played.

Now let’s take a trip back to the 80’s where mall hair ruled, the Washington Bullets were still in existence and at Wrestlemania IV at Trump Plaza, “Macho Man” Savage pins Ted Dibiase.

Here is a video of VP candidate Sarah Palin giving a sports report. The accent is disturbing. Like Minnesota and Canada had a kid and let Wisconsin raise it but I’d be lying if I told you that hearing her say “beaver roundup” didn’t give me a semi.

For the record the Dodgers & Mets played in the ’88 NLCS, & Sarah Heath predicted it. She’s a witch! Burn her!

***Update! YouTube was pressured to take the video down but I have other sources. The video can be here.

Big Hair Rules!

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