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The Orange Pants Curse Lives On

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 2, 2008

Way to go Phil, way to go Clawson nice to see we can still embarrass the SEC. It’s time for yet another disappointing season of Tennessee football.

Here’s why Tennessee sucked in this game:

  • Our darling O line sucks
  • The “Clawfence”
  • Special Teams suck
  • The Mountain Messiah
  • Our field goal kicker double sucks
  • Home cooked refs
  • Fulmer

O line

Crompton was under duress a good part of the game. Sacked twice and hurried so many times I lost count.

Grade D


This new offense isn’t new at all. In fact it was the same old plays except worse. Clawson didn’t have Crompton move around in the pocket enough or run enough. Crompton can run when you call plays for him to run which Clawson only did once.

Grade D

Special Teams

The special teams were awful with the exception of kick off returns. A blocked punt are you kidding me?

Grade C

The Mountain Messiah

Crompton looked flustered at times and missed opportunities with errant passes. He threw one interception that was horrendous and held on to the ball to long. Many passes were not even close. He shined at times and maybe it’s the first game jitters. Either way he better get it together or the Colemanauts will rear their head.

Grade C

Lincoln Logs

Our field goal kicker sucks and should have his scholarship taken away.

Grade F——-

There was some “home cooking” ref calling late in the game like that procedure call that should have been called that would have pushed UCLA back even further but of course with nothing but PAC 10 refs, they conventionally missed that and gave the ball to UCLA on the 2 yard line.

And let’s not mention that safety that should have happened….

In that regards Tennessee is the new Oklahoma in getting screwed by PAC 10 refs.


Fulmer’s decision making was horrible. The choice to try not one but two field goals that were fifty yards was idiotic at best. Out coached is an understatement. Fulmer and staff were “hoping” to win.

Grade D+

Bright spots:


Defense looks great. Dan Williams and Demonte Bolden shut down UCLA on its own goal line with two consecutive tackles for a loss. Bolden’s move should have resulted in a safety.

Grade A

Running Game

Running game looks good but the fumble by Foster costs them a grade level

Grade C

Announcers pre game: “Inexperienced UCLA meets a VETERAN UT team” ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!

The Vols looked as outdated as a mid-1980’s Los Angeles hair band.

To sum up my mood right now is best by linking to this post at LWS.

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