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The Orange Pants Curse Lives On

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 2, 2008

Way to go Phil, way to go Clawson nice to see we can still embarrass the SEC. It’s time for yet another disappointing season of Tennessee football.

Here’s why Tennessee sucked in this game:

  • Our darling O line sucks
  • The “Clawfence”
  • Special Teams suck
  • The Mountain Messiah
  • Our field goal kicker double sucks
  • Home cooked refs
  • Fulmer

O line

Crompton was under duress a good part of the game. Sacked twice and hurried so many times I lost count.

Grade D


This new offense isn’t new at all. In fact it was the same old plays except worse. Clawson didn’t have Crompton move around in the pocket enough or run enough. Crompton can run when you call plays for him to run which Clawson only did once.

Grade D

Special Teams

The special teams were awful with the exception of kick off returns. A blocked punt are you kidding me?

Grade C

The Mountain Messiah

Crompton looked flustered at times and missed opportunities with errant passes. He threw one interception that was horrendous and held on to the ball to long. Many passes were not even close. He shined at times and maybe it’s the first game jitters. Either way he better get it together or the Colemanauts will rear their head.

Grade C

Lincoln Logs

Our field goal kicker sucks and should have his scholarship taken away.

Grade F——-

There was some “home cooking” ref calling late in the game like that procedure call that should have been called that would have pushed UCLA back even further but of course with nothing but PAC 10 refs, they conventionally missed that and gave the ball to UCLA on the 2 yard line.

And let’s not mention that safety that should have happened….

In that regards Tennessee is the new Oklahoma in getting screwed by PAC 10 refs.


Fulmer’s decision making was horrible. The choice to try not one but two field goals that were fifty yards was idiotic at best. Out coached is an understatement. Fulmer and staff were “hoping” to win.

Grade D+

Bright spots:


Defense looks great. Dan Williams and Demonte Bolden shut down UCLA on its own goal line with two consecutive tackles for a loss. Bolden’s move should have resulted in a safety.

Grade A

Running Game

Running game looks good but the fumble by Foster costs them a grade level

Grade C

Announcers pre game: “Inexperienced UCLA meets a VETERAN UT team” ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!

The Vols looked as outdated as a mid-1980’s Los Angeles hair band.

To sum up my mood right now is best by linking to this post at LWS.


13 Responses to “The Orange Pants Curse Lives On”

  1. Jerry said

    I couldnt agree more. How many time will foster fumlbe near the goal. Every year he fumbles the ball near the goal that would have put the nail in the coffin of the other team. The vols are the worst coached team in america; with all that talent you get beat by a 3rd string quarterback. The offense is embarrasing.

    It is time for a change in TN!

  2. Rob said

    You are right ont he money when you say “out coached!” I have been saying it for years that Fulmer has routinely been out coached. There have been numerous occassions where we at halftime have the opportunity to really put the game away and get a “W” but come halftime the oppossing coach makes the needed adjustments and blows us away. Spurrier (I hate even bringing the name up) has done it to Fulmer time and time again. What does Fulmer do during halftime? It is time for him to go and replace him with someone that actually coach football.

  3. Randy said

    The way this game was coached and played was a disgrace and embarrassment to the University of Tennessee and to the SEC. I have said it for years and I will say it again, it’s time for Fulmer and Company to hit the road. How much more of this do we have to live with? The recruiting classes seem to slide down hill a little more every year. It’s time for some new coaching on the sidelines at Neyland. The ONLY coach I would keep would be Chavis. I’m also trying to figure out the decision on hiring Clawson. As much money as this school has you would think they could have gotten any top notch offensive coordinator they wanted. Maybe that little screwed up family circle at UT is worse than we thought. The team showed no discipline with countless stupid mistakes, Crompton had the worst case of concrete feet I have ever seen, the offensive line just sucked, Foster still hasn’t learned to hold on to the football (he would carry that football at school every day and to bed with him if I had anything to do with it), the kicker…..>geez<….I hope he’s paying for his education, & Clawson and Fulmer’s decisions and play calling were just idiotic. I hope at some point this year the major Alum supporters and high donation makers get together and put the pressure where it’s needed to make some huge changes at UT before out recruiting classes start to suffer even worse. We haven’t had a great quarterback since Manning. With the caliber of this program there’s just no excuse for that.

    And PLEASE, all you bandwagon Fulmer fans…….I really don’t have any desire to hear your excuses like, first game jitters, or they will come together before the season is over, or it’s a rebuilding year (how many more of those are we going to hear), or my favorite….we cant win them all every year. There is no excuse for this. Other schools are up there very year and there’s no reason why we can’t be either. You all know this is true.

  4. Donny said

    This was sadly predictable…same sorry results early in the season with a talented team. I don’t put much of this on the players shoulders. Coach tells you to try a 55 yard FG after you came up short on a 51 yard attempt all you can do is try. UCLA’s coaching staff seemed to have a plan…keep it close until the 4th quarter; what was UT thinking? How many times did the UT players have to run into one another to prove that they didn’t get very well prepared by the coaching staff? And where was this new offense…it looked like the same BS from the last 7 years just less prepared. So the offense still seems to be a bit lacking; who’s the one constant with that? New players, coordinators…same head coach. It’s time for Fulmer to go! He’s gotten too good at turning all-American talent into all-SEC honorable mention.

  5. yojoe said

    TtT – I do not know what happened with fUCLA’s quarterback at halftime. During the first half he was horrific, then he was lights out during the second half. Sorry about the outcome.


  6. Charles said

    Randy, sadly this disaster will continue thru 2014 and cost us an additional $21M. That’s just Fulmer’s contract. Too bad that money can’t go at least to the colleges. Maybe that would fund the best MBA program in the country. Alternatively, we could invest more in the best women’s athletic program in the nation and be proud of them. So I ask the other deflated Vol fans, what would you do to build UT for the next 7 years with Fulmer’s salary?

  7. Randy said

    Charles, I’m not so sure of that. When you start seeing alot of empty seats in that stadium, I think things will have to change. Fulmer already saved his ass once by using Randy Sanders as a pawn. I think if he dont come up with something better fast he’s pretty much done. Fulmer cant seem to understand the game has changed and to compete he’s got to play the game differently these days. I just dont think he’s willing to do that.

  8. zigzag said

    Losing is bad period, but losing to that low rent trash from the PAC 10 is disgraceful. Chavis screwed up the defense’s grade by playing prevent on UCLA’s 6 play 70 yard drive with 2 minutes to go.

    Mississippi State’s disaster at Louisiana Tech was almost identical to Tennessee’s. The attitude being “we’ll just stand around until we win it”. It will be interesting to see which one out sorries the other on October 18.

  9. ghettophilosopher said

    Wow guys, I am feeling the love. Low rent trash? Ouch

  10. Hey Ghetto I looked for you at the game…until the punt was blocked…then I hung my head down and silently cursed Fulmer.

  11. ghettophilosopher said

    Man that blocked punt had me out of my seat. I am glad UCLA made me a prophet and I can’t imagine what it must feel like to be a UT fan.

  12. It’s not as bad today since South Carolina lost to Vandy. I’m in the middle of Gamecock country and I’ve been hearing it since Wednesday when I returned to work. I’m betting there will be silence today.

  13. MATTHEW said

    I’ve been a vol fan for a long time and I have noticed one trend: Fulmer

    It doesn’t matter how good the D is, or any other part of the team for that matter, if the coach sucks how can you expect the team to be any better. Fire Fulmer!!! Hire Steve Spurrier!!!
    and lets go back to the great VOL nation we once were.

    Spurrier is a good coach who I belive has the tallent and together with the vol lineup and recruiting ability will give us the edge that will make us be feared and rival any other team in the sec.

    I say that UT should give fulmer one last chance:

    beat BAMA or leave who’s with me?

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