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The Sarah Palin Video still lives here! Big Hair Rules!

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 4, 2008

Well well well…the Republican party has managed to take all the Sarah Palin videos off YouTube some fives days after I posted it! Well…where there’s a will there is a way!! The video still lives here bitches!!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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Drugs found in the apartment of Penn State football players, I’m sure Joe Pa will have an aneurysm now

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 4, 2008

Not so long ago Penn State was the subject of Outside the Lines a television show produced and aired by ESPN. According to the research ESPN conducted since 2002, 46 Penn State football players have faced 163 criminal charges & 27 players have been convicted of or have pleaded guilty to a combined 45 counts.

This caused uproar among Penn State fans and blogs. Several Penn State fan that I know on a personal level stated that ESPN was picking on their football program and that there was a conspiracy to sullen the name of Penn State.

Let’s get one thing straight before we continue. Tennessee has the whole ESPN conspiracy angle locked up, it’s even copy written. Maybe since Tennessee sucks now ESPN has targeted Penn State with the case of yesterday’s discovery of a “small amount” of Mary Jane in the apartment of Penn State football players by planting the weed there.

Police said a small amount of marijuana was found in a Nittany Apartments residence whose most current residents, according to university housing records, are football players AJ Wallace, Andrew Quarless, Maurice Evans and Abe Koroma.

At eight o’clock the Po Po was responding was responding to a noise complaint and smell the sweet sticky icky weed reminding them of fun times they spend at a police seminar that was held at the university of Florida two summers ago.

Knowing that smell way to well the police asked to search the premises but were denied entrance by the players. So the Po Po obtained a warrant and returned at 11:00 PM where the cannabis was promptly found. I’m sure it was in a baggy that said “Property of Stu Scott” on it.

The warrant only listed Nova, Wallace and Quarless as being at the apartment Tuesday night. Neither Evans nor Koroma was listed as being at the apartment Tuesday night, with the warrant only listing them as two of the most current tenants.

Police could not provide details on the exact amount of marijuana found because it had yet to be officially tested because the official Penn State police bong was presently missing.

Penn State quarterback Daryll Clark said he was “shocked” when he found out about the incident.

“I don’t even know what happened,” he said. “All I know is police was out at someone’s apartment. I really don’t know why. … I really don’t know what’s going on right now. I have to look into it to see what’s going on right now.”

They had THREE hours to get rid of the weed and they couldn’t figure it out? Godspeed, Penn State, Godspeed.

It must be hard to make a good plan to get rid of your dope when you are all high and shit. See that’s what weed does to you. You are rendered unable to hide weed.

I can hear the conversation right now.

“What should we do?…do we flush it?”

“Man, I paid $50 for that! Hide it somewhere!”

“Under the couch cushion?”

“Great idea”

In the player’s defense, when Joe Pa told them to stay off the grass, they thought he meant his lawn.

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Uh Oh…

Posted by Joel Jackson on September 4, 2008

After watching the game against UCLA, I am sad. Not because Tennessee lost, but looking at the schedule, guess who’s coming to Knoxville on Sept. 20. I think I might call in to work that following Monday, because the Jack Daniel’s will flow like the river that day…

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Yup…It’s Time…

Posted by Joel Jackson on September 4, 2008

No, we here at the site are not endorsing Obama, McCain, or any other candidate for President. Nor are we trying to say that Fulmer is a supporter of Obama, as far as we know.

This post is about one thing, and one thing that I as a long time fan of things Rocky Top thought I would not post: changes need to occur. Fulmer needs to go.

It was this time last year that, as a matter of fact 1 year ago, that I wrote this piece. It was after the UT-Cal game. I was truly in a dark place, a place that I arrived in by a lethal combination of Jack Daniel’s and a 3 month baby girl. Having a headache from liquor and crying kids is not a good combination. However, the seeds of my discontent were not sewn during that game, but back during the mid-90’s. Yes, the “glory” years of Tennessee football. Remember when Steve Spurrier famously said “You can’t spell Citrus without UT”??? Man that hurt, but it pretty much was the truth. Look at Fulmer’s record vs. Florida. Spurrier got a sick twisted pleasure flinging around the football against Tennessee. Those seeds were sewn during every completion that was caught by Green, Caldwell, Taylor, etc.

Peyton couldn’t beat Florida. True, but Fulmer couldn’t beat Florida either. Guess what??? It ain’t happening this year either. Florida has recently discovered that a running back can be more than an extra blocker for Tebow.

Georgia has owned UT since Richt got to Athens. Fulmer has owned Alabama, but the way things play out, not anymore with Satan coaching them.

The seeds of change have been sewn by all of the close losses over the years. Anyone remember the Notre Dame loss at Knoxville??? That game helped propel the legend of Brady Quinn, nevermind the blowout the next year in South Bend. Can’t forget Memphis in 1996 (I thought the Liberty Bowl would burn down after that one). What about the close wins versus Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, South Carolina, Kentucky??? By and large, for the past 16 years, the dominant teams in the SEC have been (in no particular order) UT, LSU, Florida, Alabama, and Georgia. All of the other teams have decent years, but with all of the 1st and 2nd round draft picks that have played in Neyland Stadium, there is no way that Tennessee should have had blowout losses against few teams, much less Notre Dame a couple of years ago, Alabama last year, and Maryland in 2002 (Peach Bowl). Tennessee should have a lot better record for the past 16 years. Fulmer has more of a reputation of making Heisman Trophy candidates, like McGahee, Couch, McFadden, Grossman, etc.

My point is this: Fulmer has lived his time. Name another street after him. Name a luxury suite after him. Name Cell Block E of the Knoxville jail after him. But he needs to go. The past 6 years has shown that Mike Hamilton has been content for being good and not great. Pat Summitt is pretty much as untouchable as Smokey. Bruce Pearl has Tennessee basketball relevant and on a way upward trend. At this point, if Tennessee wins the national championship this year (quit laughing Thomas), I will still call for Fulmer’s job. I am fed up. I am sick of the goal line fumbles, the brilliance of Randy Sanders Dave Clawson’s play calling, the every other year of John Chavis having a good defense, the miscues on special teams, and the stubbornness of staying the course and “working like heck”. If a fan of another team makes fun of Fulmer being fat, whatever, he is. If another fan says “Man there is a lot of talent on the Vols. Why is the school happy to not play in BCS bowls??? What if Tressel had this speed??? Stoops himself couldn’t blow a Fiesta Bowl with your guy’s players.” It is sad, and I can’t take it anymore. Real change involves pink slips, and this Fulmer cat is out of lives. He can’t pull the “it is the coordinator’s fault” card. Eventually, you have to look at the man who hires the coordinator. The roots are grown, and harvest time is coming…

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