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Central Florida fans show their classy side

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 9, 2008

As some of you may or may not know, last Saturdays match up between Central Florida and South Florida was the last game of the series.

The South Florida Bulls nearly suffered what would have been a devastating loss in school history, but managed to escape with an overtime win.

The victory was especially gratifying for Grothe. (South Florida QB) On Saturday, he received hundreds of telephone calls and text messages after UCF fans got his cell number.

That’s what college kids do. I can live with that. What I find despicable is the fact that Grothe’s father received death threats and had to be protected by state troopers during the game, thankfully there were no incidents.

Grothe’s father, Matt Sr., received numerous calls, including a specific death threat that said: “Watch your backs. We can’t get to your [expletive] son, but we can get to you.”

Classy really classy Central Florida. Of course not all Central Florida fans are like that, only a select few hundred.

Ultimately it was Grothe’s son that got to the Knights.

“I probably like this one the best because I can’t stand them,” Grothe said. “I’m tired of everyone talking crap and not backing it up.

“Someone got hold of my phone number and I had a thousand missed calls and my voice mail was completely full and a couple hundred text messages. Basically one hundred text messages telling me to die.”

The funny thing is I don’t even think South Florida is the best team in the Big Least. I’ll be honest I was pulling for Central Florida wanting to see an upset and chaos in the polls. Had I known that someone actually threatened the QBs father to the point of him feeling the need to seek protection, I would have pulled for South Florida.

Stay classy Central Florida and double check O’Leary’s resume…twice.


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