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A Sports Blog on why ALL Teams Suck…Again!

And now a look at the NFC teams after week 2

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 17, 2008

NFC East

  • Dallas Cowboys: I hate this team but I’ll give them credit they’re good, The mindset is Super Bowl or bust however the defense isn’t as stout like people think they are.
  • New York Giants: Eli and company are not going to sneak up on everyone like last year however right now they are playing with swagger.
  • Philadelphia Eagles: This is the best Eagles team there has been in years. They will rebound from the recent loss to Dallas. Let’s hope Desean Jackson got stuffed in a locker last Monday night after that dumbass move of dropping the ball before he broke the plain.

  • Washington Redskins: Stout defense and the offense is coming around. This might be the toughest division in football next to the SEC East.

NFC North

  • Green Bay Packers: Brett who? Rogers is playing well enough to make people forget about the previous QB.

  • Minnesota Vikings: Winless…the QB sucks but they have the talent to turn it around.
  • Chicago Bears: Notice how much better this team is since Rex Grossman is not QB. Nasty Defense.
  • Detroit Lions: Still suck. John Kitna desperately wants to be a Packer since he threw more balls to them in the fourth quarter then he did to his own team

NFC South

  • New Orleans Saints: I think there needs to be a national Reggie Bush taunting day. If Bush doesn’t grow up and have a break out season this year, consider him a bust.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Gruden loves his QB’s but I question the decision to sit Garcia over Griese. Nevertheless they are looking good so far.
  • Carolina Panthers: What a surprise they have been so far and just think they have yet to play a game with the ass-kicking Steve Smith.
  • Atlanta Falcons: Actually beat Detroit during their first game, but then again it Detroit. However I believe they will be better than last year.

NFC West:

  • Seattle Seahawks: Winless…and things aren’t looking up they are so desperate for wide receivers they are thinking about signing Koren Robinson.
  • Arizona Cardinals: Kurt Warner looks like the Kurt Warner of old. Teams better pay attention to this team.
  • San Francisco 49ers: Still a sorry team but a better team than last year.
  • St. Louis Rams: The sorriest of the sorry. The coach was put on notice yesterday. He should save face and resign.

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