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Rounding up the roundtable for the Big Orange Roundtable Volume XI Florida week

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 20, 2008

I asked one simple question for this week:

How would you grade the VOLS performance this past weekend?

The game in reference was the UAB game for those not keeping score. I really wish I didn’t ask this question. Because rounding up the responses are impossible. So I’m going to improvise a little.

For my answers you can click here.

The 3rd Saturday in Blogtober gave the grades of:

F, A+, C-, C+, D, B+, B+, D, F & C-

Now go to their site to see what grades to what. Think of it as a puzzle much like the Vols offense this year.

Curveballs For Jesus gave the grades of:

D-, A+, C-, C, C+, C, A, D & C

Same rules apply…its puzzleific!

The Southeastern Sports Blog gave the grade of:

C-, A, B-, C-, C, C, B-, C, C- & C+

You should know what to do by now.

Joel at Rocky Top Talk took a different method to grade:

  • At top of the curve
  • In the middle of the curve
  • At the bottom of the curve

Don’t be puzzled just go and read.

I would like to thank the members who answered this week’s question. Now I’m passing the “King of the week” torch over to Curveballs For Jesus AKA the Rookie…depending on the outcome later today…it could be volatile.



2 Responses to “Rounding up the roundtable for the Big Orange Roundtable Volume XI Florida week”

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