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The Florida/Tennessee gradebook

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 22, 2008

I received a number of e-mails over the past week asking me to post on what I thought would be the outcome of this game. The reason I didn’t is simply because I knew what the outcome was going to be and I hate to spoil it for some. I could have written these grades sometime on Tuesday and I wouldn’t need to change a thing. A diamond is forever and so is Fulmer’s coaching style. Let’s go to the grades.

Quarterback F

Crompton still looks pathetic and is making to many simple mistakes to remain the leader of this team. His turnovers were costly; a fumble at the 2 and an interception from the 1 just before half only solidifies this fact.

Running Backs D

Fumbling Foster’s personal foul was a drive killer and then Foster transferred his fumbling aura to Hardesty on the very next play.

Receivers C-

No separation and of course Stocker makes a drop in the end zone.

Offensive Line D

Mistakes and penalties continue to plague this group. They never could open holes to get the running game going like they should have. When a running back managed to rip off a good run the yardage was negated by penalties.

Defensive Line C

They matched well against Florida and held Teabag Tebow to un-Heisman like numbers. However the running backs for Florida thrived.

Linebackers B-

Rico McCoy had ten tackles. Wilson had six and they also helped keep Tebow at bay.

Secondary A+

Man to man coverage kept Tebow from throwing over 100 yards. Terrific open field tackling. Eric Berry is the star of the entire team.

Special Teams F-

A punt return for a TD is inexcusable. Florida generally started on their own 40 throughout the game. Pathetic

Coaching F

Clawson is a bust. The red zone execution was sorry and crappy clock management. The decision to allow Crompton to remain QB for this team is baffling. The screen cap in this post tells the story. One bright spot was the players showed no signs of quitting. However I have to believe that was due to comments that were made by Florida players and not the coaching staff.

Overall F

Fire Fulmer.

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Resume Watch: After Hurricane Ike Edition

Posted by Joel Jackson on September 22, 2008

On a serious note, those less fortunate along the Texas coast can use whatever help you can give. You can donate money to the Red Cross by clicking here. Large amounts of products, such as diapers, toothbrushes, water, etc. can be made by clicking here.

Anyway, it is time for the following coach to update his resume. No, not a certain coach in Knoxville. I am sure plenty of fellow Vols are busy writing his resume for him. I am talking about mi amigo, and possibly the absolute worst hire at a major D-1A program this side of Coach O…

MY good buddy, Bill Stewart. The man who is supposed the lead the Mountaineers to the promise land. The guy who was supposed to lead the Mountaineer program to a national title. The genius that would turn Pat White into the pocket passer that Rodriguez couldn’t develop. The master of all things West By God Virginia.

Hey Thomas, remember all of those many comments from the Mountaineer faithful that came to the site the days leading to the Fiesta Bowl, and when Team Turmoil beat Oklahoma??? Where the hell are they now??? I said back then that the school decided to go with the one night stand instead of the sure thing. And now they sit 1-2. Looking at the remainder of the schedule, I see losses to Auburn and South Florida. I can see a possible upset to Louisville and UConn (man I can’t believe I said that). Howdy Doody.

So, Coach Bill Stewart, you are a nice guy. You are in over your head, but a nice guy. Unfortunately, all of those lonely couches in Morgantown are missing the warm embrace of kerosene and matches. They cannot burn themselves, and with you at the helm, I am afraid that instead of the fall smell that normally encompasses the air in West Virginia won’t be the sweet mix of cotton/polyester blends and pressboard. Instead, it will be the usual scent of coal, sulphur, meth, and depression. And there is no one else to blame but the meddling governor, the outgoing school president, and the inept AD. Country roads…

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