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After 43 years in the booth the legendary Larry Munson retires

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 23, 2008

The lead voice of the Georgia radio network, Larry Munson, announced Monday that he has retired, effective immediately.

“I can’t express enough my deep feelings toward the Georgia football fans,” Munson said in a statement released by Georgia. “They have been so friendly especially during this most recent period of time. I feel I owe them so much more than I can give. I’ll remember all the great times with the Dogs and have the fondest wishes and good luck toward them all.”

One has to think this shocking news is due to declining health. Munson underwent surgery to remove blood clots from his brain this past April. Georgia officials announced that Scott Howard and Eric Zeier will work the remaining home and road games.

“Not having him in the booth is something that every Georgia fan is going to miss,” said Zeier, a former Georgia quarterback. “He’s an iconic figure at the university. It was an honor for me to have played in games he called, and to have worked with him the last couple of years was quite a thrill. He might not be there in the booth, but he’ll be in mind and spirit with every Georgia fan.”

“It caught me by great surprise,” Loran Smith, Munson’s longtime sideline reporter and host of Georgia’s pregame show, said of the announcement.

“I had thought that his voice for the first couple of games was a little weaker than usual,” Smith said.

“He sounded stronger than ever,” Smith said. “I just thought he was getting stronger and would be his old self.”

Georgia coach Mark Richt called Munson “one of the legendary college football broadcasters of all time.”

“What do you say when a legend steps down?” Richt asked. “I’m grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to be associated with him.

“I hope he enjoys his full retirement and wish him the very best in all the things he decides to do.”

Not only does the SEC have the best football in the country, we have been blessed over the decades with some of the best announcers to ever address a microphone. Larry Munson certainly was one. He will be missed.

Munson was the last of a breed of legendary SEC announcers.

“We hand it off to Herschel, there’s a hole…FIVE, TEN, TWELVE, HE’S RUNNING ALL OVER PEOPLE…OH, YOU HERSCHEL WALKER!” “I came right through a chair, a metal steel chair with about a five inch cushion – the booth came apart…you know they call this the world’s largest cocktail party…do you know what’s going to happen at St Simon’s and Jekyll Island and all those places, where all these DAWG people have got these condominums for four days? MAN IS THERE GOING TO BE SOME PROPERTY DESTROYED TONIGHT! 26 to 21 DAWGS ON TOP! WE WERE GONE! I GAVE UP YOU DID TOO! WE WERE OUT OF IT AND GONE! MIRACLE!”

And just for the Bama fans this week – “Carswell intercepted on the 33! Carswell fell down on the 40! Carswell intercepted! CARSWELL SAVED OUR FANNY AND THE DAWGS WILL HAVE THE BALL ON THE 40!”

The phrase “We just stepped on their face with a hobnailed boot” will always echo in my head and for that I truly thank you.

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