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Fulmer admits it was a gradual decline of smartness

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 24, 2008

Fulmer did something that I and majority of the Tennessee fans can not do at this very moment and that actually express confidence in the team. He believes the team will end the foul play that as caused the 1-2 start (Again!) of this season. I believe it to, I believe my beloved Vols will go 1-3.

Actually working like heck to show some resemblance of emotion during his weekly excuse to the press conference, Fulmer promises like heck that the team will work & prepare like heck to be ass raped by play Auburn this coming weekend.

“I think this football team is a team that will fight,” Fulmer said. “Certainly we haven’t had an effort problem. We haven’t had an attitude problem. Contrary to what some people might have said on television, we haven’t had a leadership problem at all. We have a consistency of execution problem on offense from time to time. We’ve been here before and we know how to respond to that and coach.”

Yes you were here in 2005…the 5-6 year. To be honest stating the team has a problem executing of the offense time to time is the understatement of the year. It’s more like this offense is anemic all the time.

“We’ve won 148 football games in my time here at Tennessee and lost a little bit less than that – a lot less than that, actually – and we didn’t all of a sudden get stupid as coaches. We know what we’re doing, and we’re going to go to the practice field and correct and work and put our football team on the field with the best advantage that we can possibly have.”

See there? He admitted it! Fulmer didn’t start out as a stupid coach it was a gradual process, like water erosion, tooth decay & the douche bagginess of Urban Meyer. Either way they might not be stupid all the time. It just seems like they are always slightly stupid at game time.

My question is if the team is working that hard for the sole purpose of gaining the best advantage on the field, how sorry would the team be without the “extra effort”?

Fulmer was asked twice by callers on his Monday night radio show if he thought about retiring and be like OJ Simpson and simply play golf fulltime, minus the getting away with murder and Las Vegas heist of course. That’s when Fulmer really got irritated.

“Because somebody boos in the stands doesn’t mean you don’t have the support. That just means they’re passionate about what they do. They just want to win,” Fulmer said, adding that he had received calls of support from friends and family. “Ninety-five percent of them probably never played football before, or maybe not played a sport. I don’t know. I can’t tell you all that. I would have booed a couple things I saw out there if I’d have been in the stands. That goes with the territory when your fans and your people are passionate about what they want to see on the field. I wouldn’t have it any other way from that standpoint. Now, do I like to be booed? No. Do I want to be booed again? No. But if I stay in this profession, you don’t think I’m going to have an opportunity to get booed? That just goes with the territory.”

Josh “He brings hell with him” Briscoe seconded that sentiment.

“It makes us mad as a team,” he said. “The ones who are saying that, most of them probably didn’t play football. They all don’t or have never coached football. They’re not putting in the 18 hours a day that coach Fulmer’s putting in. They’re not out there on the practice field and out there going through the training and conditioning that we’re going through. It’s very unfair to coach Fulmer because he’s dedicated his life to this, and so has all our coaching staff and this team.

“I’m not a guy that usually comes up and is very vocal about things, but that’s one of the things that hurt me a lot,” Briscoe continued. “Everybody seems to know how to coach. Everybody seems to know how to fix situations. But the real fact is, if everybody had all the answers this world would be a completely different place. Everybody doesn’t have the answers. Everybody’s not given the ability to coach football, to play college football, to be president of the United States or whatever it is. That really hurts because we dedicate our lives to this.”

Now the booing of the team by fellow Tennessee fans does sicken me but the “wah wah wah your boos hurt my little feelings” sicken me just as much. That being said what the young and fiery Briscoe needs to understand is that even the boo-birds aren’t putting in 18 hours a day as a coach for the team, some are putting 18 hours day to be able to afford things like tickets to the game, team paraphernalia, membership dues and maybe God willing other things like food. Those people aren’t getting paid around 2 million a year either. However those people also pay Fulmer’s salary. The donations pay for the facilities and oh yeah the very scholarship you’re on Mr. Biscoe.

So the bottom line is this; Play better and win and guess what the boos will suddenly stop and God willing so will your girlish crying.

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Howdy Doody Has A Doozy Deal

Posted by Joel Jackson on September 24, 2008

For the 2 regular readers of this blog (and the thousands of trolls), you may or may not know that West By God Virginia holds a special place in our hearts and minds. By no stretch are we Mountaineer fans. Our beloved orange warriors win championships (although none in football thanks to that fat, stubborn…sorry, wrong subject). All one has to do is type West Virginia in the search box to see plenty of Mountaineer fodder.

So whenever this fine institute of higher learning makes the news, we take special notice. I mean, why wouldn’t we??? The writers at The Young & The Restless couldn’t write more drama in the past year. Just Rich Rodriguez alone would be Victor Newman, and Michigan would be the new young and beautiful chick that stolls into Genoa City that he would bang instantly.

In Coach Bill Stewart’s contract, the signed deal includes 1 extra year that wasn’t on the original offer sheet. Also, if he is fired before January 3, 2009, the school must pay him $4.125 million. Former embattled school president Mike Garrison can’t be blamed for this one though, because he was gone by the time the contract was finalized and signed, which was on Sept. 10. The big deal was that a flat $1 million buyout clause was negotiated and agreed upon in the original offer sheet. In other words, now West Virginia can’t fire this guy until Jan. 4. By then, the Mountaineers could easily be 6-6. There is hope though, 6-6 could be good enough to win the Big East.

West Virginia is it’s own worst enemy. Shame too. The school could be great. Wait, let me re-phrase that. The school could be better than mediocre. Whenever the administration and athletics department decide to join 2008 and get out of 1972, please let me know. For all I know, they could still be playing John Denver in Mountaineer Field on an 8 track. Mountain momma, take me home…

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Sometimes when Cubs fans fight each other there is a loser

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on September 24, 2008

The end is near because the Cubs are inching ever so close to a World Series title after 100 years of being pathetic but lovable losers. Which of course means the ever so arrogant Cubs fans will become even more arrogant but they will fail to reach the arrogance of Yankee fans.

I’ll admit I can’t stand the Cubs so when I see their own fans fight amongst themselves like in the video below I laugh and laugh hardily at that.

Sometimes there is a loser when Cub fans fight and that loser is society in general. A fight among Cubs fans jawing inside a tavern about their team’s division-clinching game sparked the death of a 41-year-old man over the weekend.

That’s sad and I’m being sarcastic either.

Robert Ulmer, a Cubs fan was killed early Sunday outside some dive called the Apartment Lounge according to the police.

A relative of Ulmer’s got into a fight inside the bar with two Cubs fans who had attended the team’s 5-4 division clincher against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Ulmer, also a Cubs fan, according to what his family told police, was at the bar but not at the game.

The exact details of what happened inside the tavern still are not clear. But the fight eventually spilled onto the street, where Ulmer was beaten by two men who used their fists and feet. Police were investigating whether Ulmer was kicked in the head.

Two people were being interviewed about the attack against Ulmer but so far charges were not filed as of yesterday.

So you see folks. There are indeed losers when Cubs fans fight with other Cubs fans. It’s a game people and that’s all it will ever be. I’m still not sure why anyone would want to fight with the fans of the very team you support. Someone please help me with that.

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