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Jabari Greer shows what being a real VOL fan is all about

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 22, 2008

A special thanks goes to Lloyd for pointing this video out to me. ^5 Lloyd


2 Responses to “Jabari Greer shows what being a real VOL fan is all about”

  1. ghostofneyland said

    That is BRILLIANT! We’re so stealing that. (Of course we’ll give you credit!)

  2. […] If we win this game against Alabama, not only will the Vols have derailed the Tide’s national title hopes, we’ve set the stage for the possibility to run the table and finish 9-4 (not good by any means but as good as the past two seasons). We keep Fulmer unfortunately, but with him comes a recruiting class that is — right now — No. 7 in the country per with five-star Morgan Moses and four-stars Taj Boyd, Peter White and Marlon Brown all strong possibilities, along with several other big names. So, is it great? Nah, but it’s what I want for this season. Sure, it means keeping Fulmer — which sucks — but it means that UT is winning games, and there are some difference-makers in this class if we can hang on to them. Real Tennessee fans feel this way. […]

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