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Broken Plays: Be glad you managed to get anything out of me today

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on November 14, 2008

I feel like this poor kid in the below video expect sick. This hit will be featured on Lil’ Faces of Death DVD series.

Angie that’s not enough bleach! You must use more! Some cheerleading beauties from Chapin high school in El Paso, TX were caught making “special” brownies for they cross town rivals. You put a lot of love, time, bleach, laxatives & rat poison in them. But the cupcakes were also infused with school spirit! That has to count for something.

The F$U football teams prepares to face Boston College this weekend by kicking some ass. According to I Bleed Garnet and Gold this fight was one for the ages.

“Well, it all started on {last week} Thursday when they started fighting at Floyd’s over some girl. Then yesterday at the union, a group of WR’s jumped the sigmas in the union. It turned into an all out brawl. The Sigmas were getting dragged up the stairs of Moore Auditorium and thrown through tables.

Someone got stabbed in the face with a pencil. A girl trying to split up the fight got punched in the face and another girl was hit in the face with a chair because a Sigma threw a chair at [WR Corey] Surrency and he ducked.”

You’d think they’d prepare for BC by beating up on the Catholic fraternity.

Remember Derrick MCfadden’s car? Well here’s William Moore’s car. He’s a senior safety for the Tigers. All that picture needs are 2 dead bodies and the coda from “Layla” playing in the background.

You Halloween costume was not this good. Unfortunately, Mangino ate the baby after mistaking it for an M&M.


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