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The Tennessee/Kentucky Grade Book: Fulmer Goes Out a Winner

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on December 1, 2008


Well the close of the season has happened and while I’m happy about it, I’m also a little sad to see Fulmer go. I can honestly say that it has been awhile since I was as proud of a Tennessee football team as I was during the second half of the past game.

It was an appropriate sendoff for a coach who has won almost 75 percent of his games in 17 years and never lost to Kentucky.

Nobody is surprised that the 6th ranked defense of the VOLS shut down the Wildcats however who were those guys wearing the offensive players uniforms? And where have they been all season?

While everyone is giddy about King Kiffin TM being named being introduced as Tennessee’s new coach today at 2:00 PM, let’s reflect on this past Saturday’s game.

Quarterbacks B-

By far perhaps the highest grade Crompton will ever earn and the highest grade he has earned to date. Did everyone forget he was a decent deep ball passer? God knows I certainly forgot. Crompton avoided stupid plays and turnovers. Maybe it’s the beard, who knows. Gerald Jones owned KY with the G-Gun. They knew it was coming and yet couldn’t stop it.

Running Backs A-

Call it auditioning for the NFL or pride, but Foster looked great yesterday while pounding the rock and making great blocks. Creer as always was impressive.

Receivers D

Easily the biggest hiccup in the game however Moore showed how quickly the offense was capable of scoring with a 63-yard TD reception. Rogers had an obvious and costly offensive pass interference penalty.

Offensive Line B+

The line gave up pass protection in the early stages of the game, but they came together to provide an excellent push for the run game.

Defensive Line A

At the beginning of the game it seemed KenSucky was going to be able to run the ball on this line, but that didn’t last long. Ayers and Fisher both had key tackles for losses.

Linebackers A+

Can anyone stop Nevin McKenzie or Rico McCoy? McKenzie had two tackles for losses and McCoy registered eight tackles, but it was Ellix Wilson who led the way with nine total tackles.

Secondary A+

Eric Berry had five tackles, two of those were for loses. The secondary coverage was stifling.

Special Teams C+

Lincoln Logs continues to suck by missing field goals however outside of that there were no mistakes.

Coaching A

Easily the best grade the staff has earned this season.

Overall WMYP

We’ll miss you Phil. The team showed character. Just like their coach has always showed and had. Being carried off the field may not mean as much as a crystal football to you but you deserved both and better. Wish you and your family the best. You will be missed. Go Vols!!!!


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