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Yes, Tennessee will sacrifice for King Kiffin

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on December 5, 2008

Yes times are tight, that’s more than apparent. However Tennessee has such a belief in King Kiffin that the student and employees are willing to sacrifice their comfort for him. After all that 2 million dollar a year salary has to come from somewhere.

When Al Davis opens the Ninth Gate of Hell and sends his unholy minions to destroy Lane Kiffin once and for all next fall, their flaming swords and shields should heat up Knoxville considerably.


2 Responses to “Yes, Tennessee will sacrifice for King Kiffin”

  1. oskie said

    HAHA, hilarious

  2. Ghost of Neyland said

    “I w-w-will g-g-give my a-a-all for T-T-Tennessee!

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