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Nothing, Nada, Zip

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on December 12, 2008

Due to unforseen circumstances involving stuff that really isn’t any of your business, there will not be an update for this AM. So like sorry. I’ll try to pump out some witty lines this afternoon.

Wait I do have a small something though.

Prepare to be disgusted.

This here is Texas Tech offensive lineman Brandon Carter:

Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?

Truly a face only a mother or Marilyn Manson could love. Looks like someone watched “The Program” one too many times right?

Well…here comes the sick part. Watch him moon the entire viewing audience in the video below, without him even knowing he did it.

I know, you’re hurling about now. I warned ya though!

Have a great day all! 🙂


One Response to “Nothing, Nada, Zip”

  1. zigzag said

    Peria Jerry, Greg Hardy and Jerrell Powe will have that painted up motherfucker for lunch.

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