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Something Tells Me that Iowa State Fans will be Rejoicing

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on December 15, 2008

Before I begin I feel the AD of my beloved VOLS, Mike Hamilton, needs to publicly thank Auburn for making the hiring of Lane Kiffin look brilliant.

Gene Chizik will be introduced later today as Auburn’s new head football coach as soon as that is done Iowa State fans will rejoice because they have a chance to hire a coach that can win more than 5 games in a two year span.

I seriously question this hire by Auburn and I’m not the only one. Below are comments taken from different Auburn message boards.

“Is this a fucking joke? I’m never going to another game!”

“Fire AD Jacobs!”

And Kevin Scarbinsky had some comments about Chizik as well.

One former SEC assistant heard the news and laughed out loud.

One former Auburn assistant who worked alongside Chizik reacted with stunned silence.

One college football insider who knows both the current Alabama boss and the man Auburn has chosen to battle him said Chizik is a good coach – but Nick Saban will eat him for breakfast.

I can fully understand all of these comments. Iowa State, who Chizik is leaving is in a current 10 game losing streak and among all 119 Division I FBS teams, the team ranked 111th in total defense, 115th in passing defense, and 95th in rushing defense.

ISU athletic director Jamie Pollard stated in a press release:

“I’m disappointed for our Iowa State fans and student-athletes that he has chosen to leave our program after only two seasons. I understand that (Auburn) is a dream job for him, but the timing and the way it played out has been hurtful and disappointing.”

Yeah right…that’s the PC way of saying “Woo Hoo now we don’t have to pay a buyout!”

“I know that we have found the right fit for Auburn,” Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs said in a statement, describing Chizik as “a high-energy coach that is an outstanding motivator and demands a tough, physical style of football.”

Bob Lowder is the Auburn booster that runs the program (the AD is his hand puppet). All I can say is that Lowder’s hatred of Tuberville must be exponentially greater than his love for Auburn. This is a serious downgrade from Tuberville. I think this will keep them in the bottom half of the West. Bama, LSU, and Ole Miss will stay above them. With the improvement at the end of the year at Arkansas, Auburn could be battling Miss State for the cellar the next few years. If I were an Auburn season ticket holder, I wouldn’t renew. I don’t even have a dog in this fight, and I’m irked at a bad hire in the SEC.

Here’s a video of  Auburn fans heckling Jacobs over the Chizik hire…not a pleasant site but a funny one. From this day forward I’m calling Chizik, “Mean Gene the Losing Machine”, that’s right I’ve tagged it.


2 Responses to “Something Tells Me that Iowa State Fans will be Rejoicing”

  1. […] December 15, 2008 Today in Football (Alabama Edition) Posted by Gray under Weird | Tags: Alabama football, Auburn football, SEC football |   Auburn hires their new head coach Gene Chizik. His previous qualifications? A ten game losing streak and in the bottom 10% of total defense while the coach at Iowa State. Auburn fans heckled the new coach as he stepped off the plane. […]

  2. I hate Jay Jacobs.

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