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Versus says “Show Me Your V”

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on January 7, 2009

Versus Network is the leading provider of hockey and professional rodeo. Of course the majority of their programming seems to also be “Paid Programming.”

The network has engaged in an retarded attempt of marketing by setting up a site and inviting the world to show of their “V. Oh yeah, this can’t miss. This magical “V” can be of anything as long as the photo resembles a “V” of course. So there’s no wrong picture unless it shows another letter like “S”, “T”, “U”, “P”, “I” or “D”, etc.

Versus: The Georgia O’Keefe of cable stations if Georgia O’Keefe were a hillbilly who watched rodeo. Of course I’m awaiting a cross-promotion with the “Oxygen Channel” titled “Show me your “O” face.”

Oh Versus, with your horrible commentators, horrible camerawork, horrible editing, and horrible…everything. Add one more level of sucktitude. Actually, Skip Bayliss belongs on Versus.

I’m sure the Spice Channel also plans on using this slogan sometimes in the near future. If this all ends with seeing a baby born with a lizard tongue, I’m outta here…


One Response to “Versus says “Show Me Your V””

  1. Danometer said

    No one, not even Versus, deserves Skip Brainless, except ESPN. His thought processes put the “cold” in “Cold Pizza”.

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