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Dave Meggett needs to be either executed or at least castrated

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on January 15, 2009

Bastard Complete Bastard

Bastard Complete Bastard

I highly doubt that this post will be humorous or witty. In fact this post is written at the worst time a post can be written. The words you are presently reading are being typed when I’m seething with anger. I will not revise it nor retract anything from it even after I’ve calmed down.

Most of you know who Dave Meggett is. He’s been a part of a Super Bowl winning team, played under Coach Bill Parcells on three different occasions, was a two time NFL Pro Bowler, his 3,708 punt return yards are currently the second most in NFL history and he even won the Walter Payton Award in 1988.

Not a bad resume for a piece of shit excuse of a human being. You see it is my firm belief that Meggett is also a borderline serial rapist, he hasn’t already crossed over to being a serial rapist.

In 1990, while with the Giants, Meggett was also charged with lewdness after allegedly soliciting sex from an undercover Baltimore police officer; he was later found not guilty of those charges. In 1995, he was charged with assaulting a former girlfriend; the charges were dropped. Meggett was released by the New England Patriots in 1998 after being accused of sexually assaulting and robbing a prostitute in a Toronto hotel room; the sexual assault charge was later dropped by prosecutors. He was again accused of sexual assault in June 2001 in Charleston, South Carolina by a woman that he met in a bar. In 2004, Meggett surrendered to Dedham, Massachusetts authorities for failing to produce $191,600 that he owed in child support.

On September 1st, 2006, he was formally charged with the Second Degree Rape of his girlfriend. A month later, amid the charges, he resigned his post as the parks and recreation director of Robersonville, North Carolina. He was convicted of sexual battery and given two years probation in the case.

Let’s stop right there. Two years probation? That’s all?

In September 2008, he was charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct after a 17-year-old North Charleston woman accused him of raping her and released on bond.

Now several months after he was charged with raping a South Carolina woman, former NFL running back David Meggett was in jail Wednesday on allegations of another sexual assault.

This time it was a 21-year-old woman in her North Charleston home.

“The latest victim told police she woke up at 1 a.m. Tuesday and found a man she knew as “Mike” sitting on her bed, according to an incident report. The man demanded that she repay $200 she owed him and raped her when she said she didn’t have the money.

Afterward, the man told her he was sorry and that she didn’t have to repay him. The woman drove herself to the hospital, where Meggett later met her and was arrested, according to police records.”

In the case involving the  17-year-old North Charleston woman, she also knew Meggitt as “Mike.”

He was denied bond on charges of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and first-degree burglary (thank God!), said Spencer Pryor, spokesman for the North Charleston police. He was being held Wednesday in the Charleston County jail, and it was unclear if he had an attorney.

I have a serious problem with the fact this slime bucket was allowed out on bond for rape charges when he was already on probation for rape. Hello? Justice System? Anyone fucking home?

I’m not an unreasonable man however it is my belief that if a person is proven to be a rapist, child molester or exploits children through child pornography, then that person should be executed end of story. I say proven because unfortunately there are false accusations such as the Duke Lacrosse team so I truly mean proven. I’m saying Meggett should be executed right now…however given his past, is there really much doubt?

I’m being serious. I know I’ll get some hate e-mail from that statement, so be it. It’s easier to forgive almost any crime than those three, and I personally will NOT forgive Dave Meggett for his actions or the South Carolina Judicial System for allowing him to post bail on a charge that he was currently on probation for and convicted of in the neighboring state.

Victims of rape are severely traumatized by the assault and may have difficulty functioning as well as they had been used to prior to the assault, with disruption of concentration, sleeping patterns and eating habits, for example. They may feel jumpy or be on edge. After being raped it is common for the victim to experience Acute Stress Disorder, including symptoms similar to those of posttraumatic stress disorder, such as intense, sometimes unpredictable, emotions, and they may find it hard to deal with their memories of the event. In the months immediately following the assault these problems may be severe and very upsetting and may prevent the victim from revealing their ordeal to friends or family, or seeking police or medical assistance. Additional symptoms of Acute Stress Disorder include:

  • depersonalization or dissociation (feeling numb and detached, like being in a daze or a dream, or feeling that the world is strange and unreal)
  • difficulty remembering important parts of the assault
  • reliving the assault through repeated thoughts, memories, or nightmares
  • avoidance of things, places, thoughts, and/or feelings that remind the victim of the assault
  • anxiety or increased arousal (difficulty sleeping, concentrating, etc.)
  • avoidance of social life or place of rape

For one-third to one-half of the victims, these symptoms continue beyond the first few months and meet the conditions for the diagnosis of posttraumatic stress disorder. In general, rape and sexual assault are among the most common causes of PTSD in women.

In other words rape has the ability to DESTROY the victim. Someone close to me was raped about ten years ago. To this day she hasn’t fully recovered and chances are she never will.

Rape is about control and has nothing to do with the victim’s sexuality or promiscuity. it is about the attackers use of force to control their victim physically emotionally & mentally .

Now I know some of you are going to e-mail me and say something to extent of “with therapy a rapist can be helped”, and that might be true…however statistically even after these cowards go through therapy the majority repeat this unforgivable crime.

I’ve ranted enough about this and I’m sorry if you didn’t like this post, but I at least feel better, but I’m still mad as hell.



3 Responses to “Dave Meggett needs to be either executed or at least castrated”

  1. Danometer said

    Executing rapists means they will consistently murder their victims. Even tho the victims may feel like they want to die, they need to live and try to move past the attack. If not, we all lose those sisters, daughters, & mothers.

    Un-anesthetized castration either followed or preceded by “punishment-in-kind” would be a more effective punishment.

  2. this is just 1 more reason we need Jessie’s Law in all 50 states. Jessie’s law is in several states, but kentucky and billy g and his wild women want no part of Jessie’s law. Jessie’s law stipulates that you automatically get 25 years to the board of a sexual offense that is considered dangerous.You can’t do anything with a sex offender. I agree totally with your ideas on un-anesthetized castration or “punishment-in-kind”. Even thats too good for them. go to, click on your state, and ask barack to make an eo for jessie’s law. if that still doesn’t help try this and address it to David Plouffe, his main contact person.

  3. jeanine said

    I would just like to thank you in putting words that have been running through my mind since his latest attack. I was the victim from Charleston and have found it hard to truly get over the ordeal as long as every couple of years he is once again raping another female. I can not and do not understand the judical system in it is not set up for the average person. Obviously and I say this with sarcasim, returning a football can excuse you from the laws that apply to many. In this world I have learned it is not who you know, but how much money can one pay to buy his way out. Now five times in 11 years and they finally have the bright idea to lock him up. What is even more frustrating is in SC, apparently ones past can not be used in court, even if past and present crimes match up. All I can do is continue to bring light of the situation to others and hope that for once, he will finally get his.

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