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The Gruden Firing, it was a Mercy Firing

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on January 19, 2009


When Tennessee was still searching for coach many rumors surfaced around Jon Gruden. Oh the message boards were full of Vol fans saying that their “inside sources” had Gruden in as a lock. Then (not so surprisingly) Gruden announced that he had no interest in the Tennessee coaching job.

Now some 2 months later, Gruden might be regretting not taking a closer look at that position.

Last Saturday shock waves were sent through the NFL when Tampa Bay announced that Jon Gruden is out as head coach and Raheem Morris was named the new head coach. Morris had been the defensive coordinator since…um Christmas.

After examining Tampa’s numbers since Gruden took over as coach, I’m not that surprised that he was fired. A lot of people keep looking back at the Super Bowl season and asking why was he fired. As a fan I can tell you why: That was Tony Dungy’s team that won the Super Bowl.

Tampa Bay never averaged more than 23 points a game in a season and for four of the seven seasons Gruden was there, they didn’t average 20 points per game.

  • 2002: 21.63 ppg
  • 2003: 18.8 ppg
  • 2004: 18.8 ppg
  • 2005: 18.75 ppg
  • 2006: 13.19 ppg
  • 2007: 20.88 ppg
  • 2008: 22.56 ppg

In a cruel twist of fate, this past season was Tampa Bay’s most offensively productive season. There were other factors that involved his firing.

  • 9-18 in the month of December
  • 45-53 after the Super Bowl
  • 1st round losses in the playoffs in 2005 & 2007

Tennessee might have indivertibly been the final nail in the Gruden coffin by luring Monte Kiffin, the main reason for Tampa’s defensive dominance, to become defensive coordinator and working under his son.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Jon, but his firing shouldn’t be that surprised once you analyze the numbers. What’s strange is that Herm Edwards and Marvin Lewis haven’t been fired…yet.

I’m going to miss poor Chucky, loved hearing the F-Bombs he’d be dropping during the game that the sideline audio would pick up. He was always very amusing to watch, and read his lips.

Somewhere, hooked up to an iron lung, Al Davis is attempting to laugh. Only laughing will accelerate his death. And Al Davis is hell-bent on never dying.



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