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Andy Kennedy has lost that loving feeling

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on January 20, 2009

You may recall that not to long ago Mississippi Basketball Coach Andy Kennedy was arrested for allegedly for putting a beat on some Cincinnati taxi cab driver. Since then Kennedy has strongly denied this claims and even went to far as to file a deformation of character law suit against the driver and his witness.

When he filed this lawsuit my first impression was “Good because I don’t blame him.” Now this case has taken a stranger turn. It seems that the litigation involving this case has caused him so much undue stress that he can not perform his husbandly duties that involve his wife, Kimber.

Kimber alleges that when she boxed out, Andy wouldn’t post up. Meaning Andy just can’t take it to the hole anymore.

Wait a Kennedy with a libido problem why that’s unnatural! So unnatural that she has filed suit against the cab driver and his “witness”, some valet-driver.

“Kennedy’s wife sued that cab driver and a valet driver who backed his claims to police and the media, saying their accusations had harmed the couple’s personal relationship, including their sex life.

Kennedy, who was in Cincinnati as the head coach for the University of Mississippi, was charged Dec. 18 with misdemeanor assault after police said he punched cabbie Mohamed Jiddou while shouting racial slurs at him after leaving a downtown bar.”

The think this case is brilliant legal maneuver! If this works then I’m signing up for E-Harmony and if I don’t get laid, then buddy watch out because I’m so suing them!!!

Of course there’s always the possibility that Kimber’s milkshake doesn’t bring Andy to her yard anymore or maybe Andy just can’t “get up” for games anymore. Talk about the coach making her ride the pine…sheesh.

I see a sponsorship from Cialis in the near future.


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