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Would Jesus score 100 points on a team of “challenged” high school girls?

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on January 23, 2009

There might be something seriously wrong with that one girl's leg.

Imagine you are a coach of a Christian School’s girl’s basketball team and the team you coach is about to play, is a team of girls that all have a learning disability of some sort; would you allow your team to score 100 points? What would Jesus do?

Would Jesus make sure the final score was 100-0? Yeah, I’m serious 100-0.

CRAP! I had Dallas Academy and 99 points.

The game in question apparently took place on 01/13/09 between The Covenant School & Dallas Academy. The final score was indeed 100-0 in favor of The Covenant School leaving Dallas Academy to withdraw from league play for the rest of the season.

“We just said, ‘The hell with it,’ ” said Jim Richardson, Dallas Academy‘s headmaster.

No offense to anyone here but…is that the lesson you want to teach the players? The lesson being we got out asses kicked so we quit. I don’t think so.

Texas executes people for less than this, right? The Dallas Academy gals should get to stone Coach Grimes but, of course, they would miss.

Of The Covenant School has offered an apology…sort of.

In a brief e-mail statement Wednesday evening, Covenant coach Micah Grimes called his team’s 100-point total “unfortunate.”

“It just happened, and we are not happy about that,” Grimes wrote. “Please know Covenant intended no harm against them. I see this as a real learning opportunity, so we can prevent this from happening in the future.”

How are you going to prevent it from happening again? By only scoring 99 points? Seriously this is that opportunity: []

I’m having a problem here. Even though the Dallas Academy team is a couple midgets and one Dennis Rodman away from total irrelevance, does that mean that they should be shown mercy? And is it fair to a better team not to play to their full potential?

Again what would Jesus do?

Come on The Covenant School they’re only young girls and just because they’ve shown an interest in sports, there’s no need to call them the Lady Bulldyk – Bulldogs. Oh, I am terribly sorry.

Fortunately the headmaster of Dallas Academy has re-thought things and scheduled some games that are out of the league they just quit.

In what might be a classic rivalry brewing Dallas Academy played Cambridge School of Dallas. The bulldogs of Dallas Academy sadly lost with a final score of 41-8.

Just when I think you couldn’t possibly be any worse, they go and do something like this…and totally redeem themselves!

Normally I relish in the destruction of lesser talent but this is a school for girls with learning disabilities, or ‘tardation as it’s called in these parts. Grimey probably didn’t need to play the starters the entire game but I wouldn’t crucify them for it either.

But what do you think? If you were the coach of The Covenant would you tell your players not to play their best?

Comment and let me know.


11 Responses to “Would Jesus score 100 points on a team of “challenged” high school girls?”

  1. Joel said

    The score was 59-0 at halftime. Talk about running it up…

    Somewhere, Bill Belichick is smiling…

  2. Jackson said

    Jesus would say “God helps those who help themselves”. Seriously, the only disgusting thing is that people think scoring 100 points is wrong. People play sports to WIN!

    What *should* be demoralizing is the suggestion of playing bad on purpose because the other team is ‘special’, that’s insulting and demeaning. Playing to win is playing with honor.

  3. @1 Bill Belichick think not running up the score is for pussies.

    @2 I agree with you

  4. Doublek said

    Somewhere else, Billy Tubbs is telling Dallas Academy that if they don’t like it they need to get better players.

  5. Danometer said

    Pretty easy, once the game is in hand (30-0 or so), you yank the starters and play scrubs. If your five worst players can still run up the score, you can tell the critics that and to go f@#$ off.

    My understanding is that the starters were still playing well into the 2nd half. THAT would be inexcusable, not because of the feelings of the other team, but because there is no need to risk injuries to starters and to deny needed live practice to the bench-warmers.

  6. zigzag said

    Jesus was a great fisherman and threw tables like Bobby Knight threw chairs but my impression is that He was not into half naked young ladies running up and down the floor making silly with a ball. However, I am sure he would tell the girls from Dallas Academy to turn the other cheek (Figure of speech) and let Covenant hang another hundred on them.

  7. I think Jesus would also heal that one girl’s crooked looking leg and then score 50 on her alone.

  8. BOTF said

    The ones at fault are the ones that scheduled the game in the first place. That goes for both sides. I mean what did they expect when doing so? I am not condoning the press in the 2nd half but what kind of message do you send a team of kids by not trying?
    Jesus says, “There is no mercy rule in Texas High School Athletics for a reason.”

  9. lauren said

    Would Jesus post a story like this online and slander other people?

    Isn’t Jesus supposed to be a God of “love and forgiveness”?

    Oh wait, you’ve forgotten that part because well, you’re perfect, right?

    You people are no better than this’re gossiping and slandering someone that made a mistake.

  10. Oh that’s funny. Please tell me how I’m gossiping about a national story (even though I was one of the first to blog about it) and provided links to the story. Are you retarded or just a Dallas Academy student?

    And show me what is “slanderous” Ms. Law Scholar.

  11. Joel said


    God is also supposed to be about humility and meekness. 59-0 at halftime should have been an indication of pulling 8 & 9 year olds out of the stands to play Dallas Academy for the second half. 100-0 is not a mistake, it might as well be waterboarding. And the Dallas Academy girls team sure learned a lesson, as evidence of their “Today Show” appearance. If they lost 200-0, they probably would have gotten a guest appearance on “Ugly Betty”.

    Let me guess, Lauren: Can you see Russia from your house???

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